March 7, 2014

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It takes great willingness to be able to perceive clearly. Until we’re willing to let go of all opinions and judgments those thoughts will obscure our view.

I have found that letting go of judgments and opinions has brought me such benefit and one of the greatest rewards is to feel more and more that I can perceive clearly. I used to wonder all the time if I was able to clearly discern what was really going on. I used to wonder whether or not I was clearly perceiving divine guidance and insight. I still wonder sometimes if I am truly perceiving clearly, but most of the time I feel confident.

That confidence is definitely a result of willingness.
Are you willing to see clearly?
Or would you rather feel that you are right and justified in your rightness?

I’ve learned it’s much more fulfilling to be loving than to be right. What a relief!

Can you think of an area of your life where you are the cause of your suffering because you’re not willing to see clearly and prefer to energize your own beliefs and opinions? Would you be willing to change your view and see clearly?

Let’s cultivate a clear view together and share the benefits with everyone because we’re one with them!


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