What Other People Should Do

November 12, 2014

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Yesterday on my radio show I was sharing about eliminating distractions. In my experience, all distractions are also attachments. Attachments are the cause of suffering. So, distractions cause suffering – there’s motivation to release them!

Let’s start by at least eliminating the simple distractions that have the least amount energetic attachment and gain some momentum to give us MORE motivation.

One of the simple distractions that keeps me from my goal of waking up are thinking that other people should do things differently. How do I really know what anyone else should do? How can I possibly know what their learning curriculum is? I tell myself that, until I can see through all directions of time and space, I don’t really know what anything is for, but I’d like to know.

I used to put a lot of energy, emotional upset into thinking others should do things differently. There was NEVER any sense of fulfillment, greater happiness or Peace that came from ruminating about what others should or shouldn’t do. It was a 100% investment in distracting myself from being loving and waking up. PLUS it upset me.

What kind of crazy is it that would I would go out of my way to judge what others are doing only to feel upset by it without any chance of actually bringing benefit? Instead, I’m actually energizing the idea of there being lack, limitation, difficulties, separation and a whole host of other expressions of suffering. Enough!

Do you have enough motivation to stop investing in thinking about what other people should or shouldn’t do yet?

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