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November 1, 2015

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Every spiritual student has heard it a million times – we’re human BE-ings not human DO-ings. The ego loves to do and do and gets validation from the endless list of accomplishment and the Spirit doesn’t need to do anything except forgive, which isn’t really a DO – ing anyway. Forgiveness is a letting go, allowing, release, Freedom.

I have found it a VERY useful part of my spiritual practice to consider where I might be doing something in order to somehow prove something. The ego thinks that accomplishing things in this world will validate it and wipe away, if only for a brief moment, the deep feeling of inadequacy.

The Spirit is fulfilled through expressing the spiritual qualities that are our true nature: Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Freedom, Wisdom, Prosperity, etc.

Doesn’t expressing those spiritual qualities seem much more interesting than trying to do something to feel good about yourself? BE-ing is the way to go. The ego will avoid it, but that’s why we have to teach the ego that as crazy as it sounds, being available to hear the voice of God, being still and knowing I AM God is what will actually be the greatest accomplishment in this world.

We’re re-training the ego. It takes really attention and it’s so worth it.

We say we want the Peace of God. The ego tries to convince us that Peace comes from doing. How crazy is that? Peace comes when we allow ourselves to experience Spirit! Be still and know I AM Peace!

If you’re learning to be still and the ego is screaming, just know this: you’re getting very close to a breakthrough. Don’t give up! Go for it! Surrender the upset and let the Higher Holy Spirit Self do the heavy lifting. It works!

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