No More Unloving Choices

December 29, 2016

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Awakened Spiritual Masters stop making mis-takes and ALWAYS express in perfect alignment with Love. We’re all headed in the direction of awakening, and in my year-long Masterful Living Course 2017 (which starts on January 9th), this is what we’re going for – we’re actively choosing to be more aligned with our True Nature rather than the ego.

It might seem hard to believe, but ALL PROBLEMS come from feeling unloving and choosing unloving choices.

You can shift the habit of making unloving choices and profoundly change your life. That’s the focus of our work in my year-long Masterful Living Course, and people who practice this have results that they describe as: amazing, miraculous, and unbelievable.

What’s more, with even a modest amount of practice people can * change their lives to the degree that they ABSOLUTELY KNOW that there’s no going back to the level of suffering and misery they used to experience.

AND they now know that SO MUCH MORE is possible for them.

The more they practice, the more clear they are that they ARE doing it. It goes from being something they might do, or will do, to something they’re actively doing and enjoying doing. That’s SO powerful!

You see, there’s an internal switch that flips, where we go from trying to get something to make us happy to realizing that only being aligned with Spirit will bring lasting happiness.

We all have that switch.
How do I flip the switch?

The switch flips when we DECIDE to PRACTICE being loving more often than being judgmental, unkind, critical, ashamed, jealous, etc. It requires willingness to pay attention and to replace habits that bring upset and unhappiness with habits that bring Peace and Happiness.

Spiritual Qualities are the very nature of the Divine. Because we’re One with Spirit, these Spiritual Qualities are our True Nature. A helpful and speedy way to eliminate the negative patterns of shame, blame, regret, resentment, jealousy, hurt, anger, fear, worry, guilt, lack, limitation, and confusion, is to replace them with new habits of trust, patience, generosity, faith, forgiveness, understanding, compassion, Love, gentleness, and kindness.

That’s something that takes most of us time. We don’t all have the benefit of having a night with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future, like Mr. Scrooge. However, in our mind, we’re recycling those experiences all the time until we clear them. So we can continue to recycle the same beliefs and thoughts, the same upsets and worries, or we can start clearing them.

Scrooge’s life changed because he replaced his habits of being unloving with habits of kindness, compassion, generosity, patience and inspiration. We can all do that. We don’t have to wait until we’re completely miserable.

You can wake up as if it’s Christmas morning every day and start again.

Flipping that switch is what my year-long Masterful Living Course is about. Every year, people who do even a modest amount of spiritual practice are able to prove to themselves how much benefit even a little bit of willingness consistently cultivated can bring. Year after year, people tell me they are AMAZED at their results. That’s what they tell me.

In this world, we don’t get what we want.
We get what we think about.
What you think about, you bring about –
if only in your feelings and emotions!

Being upset on a daily basis is exhausting!

If you worry about something, you might not bring it into form, but you will experience it repeatedly in your mind and that’s such an energy drain. You cannot worry about things and be receptive to the Good of God at the same time – you have to choose one or the other. For some people, this habit is one that takes focus to replace with one of Trust and Faith. That’s why my invitation is to give yourself a year to really cultivate the practice and not set resolutions you fail at within a week!

What I know is that, even the most hopeless and helpless person can be willing to be willing to change their mind and place their attention elsewhere, and that can bring amazing, unbelievable results. I’ve seen it, year after year.

When you flip that switch – the years the locusts have eaten are given back to you, and that is one of the best feelings in the world!

Are you willing to be willing?

Would you like a spiritual mentor who walks right beside you? Are you SO ready to have a new experience in the new year? We’re doing the deep work and the healing is revealing itself in our lives! If you’d like to join me in my year-long Masterful Living Course 2017, then please click here to learn more now.

We’re starting on January 9th.  If you’re willing, I’m willing. If this is right for you, you WILL know it.  In my year-long Masterful Living Course, a number of people have healed their depression, gone off anti-depressants, let go of old hurts and sadness that has troubled them for many years.  They have accomplished what they never believed they could do, because they gave themselves a chance, and they didn’t give up.  You can do it, too.

FREE CLASS FOR DOWNLOADING:  Unblock Your Flow of Time, Energy & Money is a free preview class for Masterful Living 2017 – check it out and immediately start making use of the tips and tools I share in this free class.

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