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December 5, 2016

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I’m writing this as I fly from Bangkok, Thailand to Shanghai, and from there to NYC.  I’m making my way halfway around the world.  It’s a 12-hour time zone change.  It’s a 24-hour trip from Bangkok to NYC with a layover in Shanghai.  It’s a long road and I’ve been taking stock as I go.

This was my first trip to Asia.  Three weeks in Thailand, one in Cambodia, and a few days in Manila, Philippines, 35 days in total.  It’s interesting to me that I’ve had so much travel in the last few years.  I really prefer to stay home and be a recluse, but more than being a recluse, I like to follow my guidance.  I know I cannot be happy unless I follow the guidance I’ve been given.

My intention is to follow my guidance even more closely as I’m taking stock at the end of 2016 and preparing for the new year.

I really loved being in Thailand and Cambodia because they are largely Buddhists, and the commitment to their spiritual life is palpable in much that they do.  Their commitment to the Buddhist philosophy shows up in the myriad ways that they make little things more lovely.  The Thai people are known around the world for their beautiful fruit and vegetable carving that is so lovely.  Beautiful orchids are EVERYWHERE.

One of the things I appreciated the most is greeting each person with a bow, acknowledging them and honoring them.  It’s a wonderful way to greet each one you meet.  Bowing and gesturing with hands in prayer pose all day long, you cannot help but begin to think of life as more sacred.  You cannot help but begin to feel each moment is more sacred.  It’s beautiful!  I wish that we could adopt this practice of bowing and greeting with hands in prayer pose.  It would surely change the world I live in.

The practice of greeting people with a formal greeting of honor and gratitude is a beautiful way to make more of our experience part of a living spiritual practice.  We can do this even if it’s not the custom.  I definitely do it with some of my spiritual friends, why not do it with all?

I’m interested in finding ever more ways to demonstrate my dedication and devotion.  These are the things that light me up and make life more enjoyable for me.  The only thing that’s actually fulfilling is when I release the blocks to Love and express Love.  Letting the Love flow is the only true Joy I know.

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