May 3, 2017

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I’ve come to love technology.  Running a global online ministry, I’ve come to recognize that some people have issues with technology – most of us have challenges with something that gives us an opportunity to work with our mind and to see where our practice is.

Also, I’ve learned from being a spiritual counselor for 17 years that when we have resistance to something, it sometimes shows up as having difficulty making a connection.  I’ve seen it in phone sessions when someone keeps dropping the call or we have a poor connection.

Our feelings and experiences of resistance are helpful to us.  We can use our awareness of resistance and reluctance to help us identify where the opportunity to have a breakthrough is.  The more intense the feeling, the closer we are to a breakthrough!

I’ve learned to give it to the Higher Holy Spirit Self as soon as possible and not to struggle with it at all. I’ve also learned to ask for help from people.  Learning to receive help well, and to be receptive in general, has improved the quality of every day of my life.  After all, there really is only one source.  Everything I receive, I receive only from God.

Whenever we’re deciding to change our lives, open to Spirit, and choose Love rather than the frustration of separation, the opportunity to be challenged will come.  The challenges support us in deciding what is truly important to us.

I’ve learned that my challenges contain my answered prayer.  They help me ignite the fire of my desire.

Learning to receive was very challenging for me.  Opening up to receive, in ALL ways, is a great skill to have.   It has changed my life!

What challenge are you having that could contain your answered prayer?
Are you willing to receive it?
Are you willing to ask for help?
Will you accept the help that’s offered?

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