June 24, 2017

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It may seem hard to believe, but anger can be very helpful!  Anger is like a warning bell that lets us know what to pay attention to.  It lets us know that we have a false belief that can be healed, and when healed, will free up some emotional, mental, and spiritual bandwidth that we can use for the following:

  • Healing our body
  • Becoming more prosperous
  • Letting more Love flow in our life
  • Receiving more inspiration and intuition
  • Being more creative
  • Having better relationships.

Just think about this:  if you make a practice of becoming grateful when you feel anger in any form, you can call forth and receive a miraculous healing, if you’re willing to interrupt the pattern and give the heavy lifting of figuring out HOW to have a healing to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.  If you’re willing, that anger can be a VERY positive turning point.

Anger comes in many forms:  irritation, frustration, resentment, passive-aggression, sarcasm, antagonism, and more.  Be willing to recognize when there’s a feeling of anger.  Allow yourself to treat it like an alarm bell going off to remind you to choose healing instead of reinvesting in the original thought that upset you so much.  Be willing to love yourself enough to choose healing.

You’d be surprised at how much you can PERMANENTLY let go of if you’re willing to ask Spirit for help.  What I can honestly tell you is that the more you practice this, the more amazing and miraculous healing you will have.  Anger will dissipate.  Happiness will increase.  Peace will be yours.  Aren’t those all things that you’d be grateful for?  Why wait?  Why not start today?

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