June 14, 2017

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One of the questions I frequently get is whether or not a situation is a mirror or not. For instance, if someone treats me badly, is it a mirror? Well … it might be.  But it also might not be.  And there is a way to know clearly if your experience is mirroring something in your consciousness back to you.    And it’s really good to be able to know whether it is or not, so you can deal with it appropriately.

It’s also very valuable to know that the mirror is always valuable.  It’s not to hurt us or upset us, it’s to help us see what we haven’t been able to recognize in ourselves.  And often, when we can see it in others, then we can have more compassion for it then when we see it in ourselves.  If we haven’t healed it, and it’s being mirrored back to us, there’s a great opportunity for expansion and healing.  We can be grateful for both the mirror and the trigger!  The mirror is helping us to bring the darkness to the Light for healing.

Here’s how you tell if it’s a mirror of your unhealed stuff or not:

It’s your mirror if if upsets you.
If it upsets you then there’s something to be transformed and healed, something to RE-cognize.

If it doesn’t upset you then it’s a cry for Love, a call for compassion, and you’re experiencing it in order to be truly helpful and a healing presence.

It’s not that complicated!

The thing that makes it SEEM complicated is our inner conflict.

We often say that we’d like to be a healing presence, when in fact, we sometimes like the idea better than the experience – especially when the experience is messy.

We get to decide how we walk in the world. What’s your way of walking today?

“Teach no one that he is what you would not want to be.
Your brother is the mirror in which you see the image of yourself as long as perception lasts.”
A Course in Miracles, Text-7. VII. 3:8-9.

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