October 22, 2017

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One of the many things we talked about at in my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive that just finished yesterday is that people often will think that other people’s energy affects them negatively.  It’s “normal” for people to complain about the complainers in their life.

Many spiritual students develop a temporary aversion to people who complain and criticize.  Spiritual students are working so hard to have positive thoughts that they don’t like being around people who are actively negative.  The belief is that people who are complaining and critical will bring us down with their negative energy.  I used to believe that, too.

I discovered, through my own basic experience, that the thing that brings my energy down is when I judge other people.  When I judge the judger, then I am joining them in their lower vibration of complaining, but I don’t have to.

It’s our free will choice to let other people bother us.  When we develop the ability of taking responsibility for our feelings, then we realize that no one can bring us down unless we allow it.

Our natural state is Joy.  Joy is a spiritual quality that is the very nature of our being.  Joy is the essence of who we are.  Joy is unconditional, not circumstantial.  When we’re not joyful, it’s because of how we’re thinking and believing, not because of what the circumstances are.

It’s part of our moment-by-moment spiritual practice that helps us to take responsibility for how we feel and instead of blaming others, or even circumstances, for how we feel, that we instead begin to realize that we have a choice.  We can choose Peace.  We can choose Joy.

When we don’t feel Joy-full, then we can Partner UP and call upon Spirit to show us the way to Joy.  It will always include letting go of judgments and choosing to be in the flow of Love.

I am so grateful I realized that i could let my judgments go and get back in the flow!

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