A Better Way

December 5, 2017

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One of the things I’m most grateful for is my willingness to change my mind and to change course.  It used to be that I would often, “stick to my guns,” in ways that I would back myself into a corner and feel trapped.  I’d do it to myself and then I’d be angry with myself, but I couldn’t handle any more self-judgment, so I’d project that anger out onto others and attack them instead.  It was a really vicious cycle in my mind.

I caused my self so much pain and suffering, and those around me too, that now, I’m *so grateful that I can (most of the time) easily come forward and ask for what I’d like, what I prefer, and what I don’t like and don’t want in my life.  I can really be grateful to not paling myself into a corner anymore.  What a relief that I don’t have to have any guns to stick to!  Phew!

I am so grateful for my life!  I am so grateful that I agreed to follow my guidance!  I’ve been offering my yearlong Masterful Living Course since 2009, and I’ve learned so much since then.  My life has really taught me HOW to recognize my guidance, how to listen to it, and how to follow it.  It’s not all been fun, but it’s all been worthwhile and that’s the main thing.

Almost every day now, I get to talk with people in Masterful Living this year as we do our end of year, one-on-one check in’s and, while not everyone has extraordinary results, many have made such real changes that they’re experiencing a much higher quality of life and relationships now.  They feel better about themselves.  They’re more willing to actually make changes and less interested in repeating the same things from the past.  There’s at least some light at the end of the tunnel instead of just a dark tunnel.

That’s worth so much to me.  I used to wonder how I’d ever be able to really help anyone when my life was so challenging and difficult for me.  I knew there was a better way, but I didn’t know how to find it.  I knew what worked for other people, but those things didn’t work for me.  I was special.  I was an especially hopeless case.  I really believed that.

The thing that began to change everything for me was my willingness to stop believing that anyone was hopeless.  I became willing to see myself as not separate from others, and I began to realize it was my spiritual  responsibility to see the perfection in the people in my life, including everyone, excluding no one.

I never imagined I could succeed, but I decided I’d rather give it my best than not even try.

So, now, I am so very grateful that I had even a little bit of willingness to believe that there must be a better way!

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