June 13, 2018

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Do you ever feel under-appreciated? Do you think it’s because of what others are doing or not doing? I used to feel that way. And I used to let it eat up a bunch of my energy. I actually used to keep score and watch and wait to see if people would forget to appreciate me.

I would actually feel a deranged kind of victory if I “knew” they’d forget me and then they did. I got to be right about how wrong they were. I got to feel justified in my victim status.

I’d regret that I’d ever done anything nice for them in the first place. I’d resent that I’d wasted my energy. I kept cycling through this pattern for years. If only I’d realized that I was only doing things for others in order to get appreciation and recognition. No amount of outside recognition could complete me as long as I believed I was lacking.

Every time I did things to get appreciation I was affirming that I, of myself, wasn’t enough. I had to earn the Love and appreciation. The cure? Self-Love.

I knew I had gotten past that pattern of resentment when I helped to organize a HUGE event that was my idea and brought a great deal of benefit to many hundreds of people and was deeply healing and spectacular.

The whole event was my idea. I worked on it tirelessly. It was a major success.

And not one acknowledgement of me and my genius idea, my hard work, nothing, not even a mention of my name from the stage, from the ones who got the “credit.” And I was totally okay with that, because my reward was the healing that everyone had. I was completely fulfilled. Things were perfect, just as they were. I was filled with gratitude. I didn’t need anything more.

Have you ever felt taken advantage of? I used to feel that way a lot, and I haven’t felt that in a long time and I know why. No one can take advantage of me without my consent. I don’t give that consent anymore.

When I used to give of my time, energy, money, attention and affection in order to GET something then I used to feel taken advantage of. In actuality, I was manipulating people to try to get something from them. Like attracts like.

If you feel unappreciated then you’re probably giving in order to get something. It’s worth looking within to feel if you’re having any sense of resentment and ask “am I giving to get anything in return?” If you’re giving to get then you’re setting yourself up for upset.

Why set yourself up to be bothered? That’s not self-loving.

If you’d like others to be more loving toward you, be loving towards yourself.

I’ve learned that when I’m giving from the overflow of God’s bountiful goodness then I don’t need any recognition or appreciation. I’m giving because I have been given to. Being in the flow of Love is more than enough reward – it’s TRUE abundance!

A Course in Miracles tells us: “To have, give all to all.”

To have the consciousness of one who HAS, give love (which is all) to all. Don’t hold back Love and then you’ll feel the flow of Love in your life. Love is so much more enjoyable than resentment and regret. Flip the switch in your mind by loving yourself free of these limiting thoughts and habits. We have more important things to do with our energy and time! It’s time to shine!

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