September 27, 2018

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I’ve heard it said that, the reason why our family can push our buttons so easily is because they installed them. Ha ha ha! However, it’s really not true.

It took me a long time to get with the program, but I finally realized that I installed all the buttons, and I can de-install them, too. Each button, each trigger, each internal hot spot, sore spot, and sensitivity is of my own making.

I can remember getting SO triggered, and then blame, blame, blaming it on others. I used to be rattled to my CORE, but no more! I haven’t felt that way in so long, and I’m SO grateful!

It might be past life or this life, but it all comes back to me making decisions to hold onto grievances against myself and others. Those become like land mines in our psyche. Where I used to get so bothered if someone said something negative about me, I can now extend compassion, and I don’t get triggered.

I don’t have those same beliefs about myself, so there’s nothing there to get triggered. That’s true Freedom.

It’s such a RELIEF to not be upset by things all day long.
It’s such a relief to not be afraid and worried on a regular basis.

I honestly never thought I could EVER be consistently peaceful as I am now, and that’s why I encourage you, if you’re not consistently peaceful, do the self-forgiveness work. Devote yourself to it.

I get so inspired by the folks in my Masterful Living classes. This week and last, I’ve been talking with individuals who are having breakthrough after breakthrough. They’ve done the inner work, and they are reaping the rewards. It’s beautiful!

It’s easy to become convinced that it’s not possible for us, that we’re somehow un-redeemable, and stuck in a bad place, but it’s not true, and it’s such a HUGE relief to discover that for ourselves! It’s so important, too, because then we can share the benefits with everyone, and it makes it easier for everyone who goes for it too!

Let’s spread the relief!

1 week until my retreats!
In my retreats, people have consistently experienced healing of relationships that were believed beyond repair. I’ve witnessed healing of chronic physical and emotional issues because of the deep healing work we do together.

I’ve only been doing these retreats once per year. It’s a small group. We go deep. Now’s the time to rise and shine. Let us be the fulcrum point of healing in our family and in our workplace. We have all that we need within us – let’s do it this year, and set ourselves up for the holidays and for our new year. It’s not too early to get the healing ball rolling!

If you’d like to really let go of the past, consider joining with me and other like-minded souls to have fun doing it together. I’m offering my Forgive & Be Free Retreat and my Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive in October. You’re invited to our healing party!

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