October 10, 2018

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I used to notice so many of my daily failures, and feel dejected and hopeless. I realized that a better strategy was to celebrate my victories.

I learned that there’s no extra charge in life to celebrate every little victory. Celebrate when you notice that you’re now able to be patient with the telemarketer. Celebrate that you’re able to be kind to the person who is belligerent. Celebrate when you realize you were compassionate with the person who seems to have no compassion. Celebrate when you make a higher choice.

I feel it’s so valuable for us to learn to celebrate when we make more loving choices. Our celebration is a recognition that we’re succeeding, and that’s encouraging. It starts a new pattern. It’s deeply healing.

I really like that victory pose with arms up in a “V” for victory. No longer am I the victim of the ego. I AM is victorious now!

I feel so grateful that we can change our minds, heal our hearts, reboot our relationships – forgiveness makes the most extraordinary healing possible, and we can celebrate our willingness to let the past go, as well as our ability to take no offense in the present moment.

Any day that we can celebrate, even a little bit more Love and kindness, is a day we’re able to have healing and be a benefit to others, and that is a day of victory! I am always victorious when I can be more loving.

The very fact that I really do have the ability to change my mind, no matter how tough things are, is a great thing to celebrate every single day!

Cheers to us! Yay, God!

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