October 26, 2018

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We have the power to change our lives,and to change other people’s lives, by being helpful to them. Over and over again in class, we talk about how profoundly healing it is to simply be loving with ourselves and each other.

It’s amazing how much power there can be in what seems like a small choice, to be kind or generous – or not. Sometimes we don’t wish to acknowledge how much power we have. As strange as it seems, it can feel as though having power is frightening.

It can seem like a small choice to be rude to someone, to withhold Love or kindness. It can seem like such a small choice to let someone go ahead of you, or to take a breath and be a little more patient. It can seem insignificant to choose to avoid smiling at someone, or to ignore someone, rather than acknowledge them as you pass on the street.

There is no “big” or “small” in God. There’s only a choice for Love or a choice for separation. There’s only the choice to recognize that Oneness is everything or to treat it as nothing.

So many choices each day seem so small. They seem insignificant. And yet, in Truth, not one of them is.

If I could choose again, for every “small choice” of separation that I’ve made, my life would be entirely and COMPLETELY different. I would have avoided SO MUCH suffering.

Spiritual practice is a living practice of choosing Love.
It is a discipline of Love.
It is a devotion to cultivating the awareness of Unity.
It is achieved, moment by moment, in the tiniest of choices.
I’m so glad I know this now.

This is why I am writing this – to remind myself that there’s nothing more important than extending Love from my heart to yours, affirming the Oneness. This is why I record a prayer each day – so we can experience the healing power of prayer together.

This week on my radio show, my topic was Healing the Habit of Feeling Dissatisfied and I could feel how impactful it was for people who haven’t even heard it yet. I often feel that. Time and space are an illusion, and our smallest choices ripple throughout the Universe.

Thank you for being my Prayer Partner today. YOU are my answered prayer! What a blessing to extend Love to each other, every day!

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