Grace & Gratitude for Healing

October 12, 2018

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Have you ever felt buried under an avalanche of your own sense of complete unworthiness? I have. It’s a really intense, painful, almost burning feeling.

Our self-judgment can be so intense that it’s crippling. We believe the hype. We are convinced of the meaning we’ve made of everything, and yet, it really can lift away so quickly.

Here, in North Carolina, at the Forgiveness retreat, and now at the Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive, I feel so blessed, because I get to see people let go of the past and the meaning they made of it that has been hurting them so much.

Just because we’ve been carrying a dysfunctional self-image for most of our life doesn’t mean that we cannot let go of it fairly quickly, and with Grace.

The very nature of Grace is that we can have instantaneous, pervasive and profound healing. We’re all worthy of it. What’s required is our willingness to let go of the identification we have with the past.

We must be willing to see our perfection and Beauty. It’s there, in all of us, hiding behind our self-judgment and self-attack thoughts.

The path of graceful healing is one of self-forgiveness.

I am so grateful that Grace is our inheritance. It’s given, equally, to us all!

Do you have anything to forgive?
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Let’s step into our power in the most effective and expedient ways!

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