October 21, 2018

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For me, the hardest thing to let go of was the thing I made. It was the image of myself as being less than lovable. It’s so crazy that in this world, the things we cling to the very most are the things that are:

A. Not true
B. Painful

How crazy is that?

Yet, I’ve seen there’s a method to the madness of it!

In A Course in Miracles, the Manual for Teachers it talks about the Development of Trust being a process we must all go through in order to release from suffering.

“First, they must go through what might be called ‘a period of undoing.’ This need not be painful, but it usually is so experienced. It seems as if things are being taken away, and it is rarely understood initially that their lack of value is merely being recognized. How can lack of value be perceived unless the perceiver is in a position where he must see things in a different light?”

If we don’t give up the things that we’re using to hurt ourselves, it may seem as thought they’re being taken away. Releasing attachment to the things that stand in the way of our happiness, may seem like the thing we’d want the most, but it’s not. And that’s why working together with other like-minded souls makes it so much easier to for us to see the wisdom of letting go of our attachments to false beliefs, false identities and the story we’re telling ourselves.

If we’re willing to give up the false idols and false images that we’ve grown so attached to, then there is a healing, a transformation and revelation that is not only liberating, it’s thrilling! The thrill comes from being willing to trade all that we’ve treasured for something of real value – the ability to see our perfection and the perfection of all.

It’s a question of motivation.

Many of us spend a very long time avoiding the release of the attachments and the pain builds and builds until the pain is so great we’re willing to do ANYTHING to make a change – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

After counseling people for 18 years, I’ve seen that many people have a habit of being unhappy and they are more comfortable in their unhappiness than they would be in doing something new.

Some people are afraid of being happy because they don’t trust it and I understand that. In order to be happy and stay happy (most of the time) we must give up being a victim, and that means giving up complaining and criticizing and taking offense.

Sometimes it’s our anger and upset that gives us a feeling of aliveness and power. It’s all false, of course it is, but if all we know is what’s false, then we’re going to cling to it. And that’s where a strong spiritual practice helps to break through the habit of playing small, self-attack and attachment to negative habits.

Sometimes negative pleasure is all we’ve got, so how can we give it up? Negative pleasure is the thing that seems pleasurable, but actually it puts us on the pain train with a one-way ticket.

Spiritual practice is the thing that releases us from all of this. Making a commitment to and EFFECTIVE spiritual practice is where many people fall short. Their belief is so strong that they’ll fail that they don’t even try.

Only the ego fails.
Spirit cannot fail – it’s not even possible.

When we put our faith in Spirit we’re strong and we cannot go wrong.

We’re always putting our faith in something.
We can choose ego or Spirit.
Placing my faith in Spirit is the thing that brought me Peace.

At first, it did seem like a period of undoing, and it was. It was a period of undoing all the attachments I had to doing things the ego way.

I wasn’t sure I would happier trusting Spirit, but I was willing to try. That willingness got me through the difficulties. It raised me up and kept me headed in a higher direction.

I am so grateful for realizing I’d been placing my faith in my own opinion and that I could change my mind. This realization was a great blessing and a gift! I finally quit making myself unhappy! Phew!

Do you see where you’re placing your faith and trust in your own beliefs and perceptions rather than in Love, in Spirit, in truth? Being aware of this is a great opportunity to go the other way and make a new choice.

Let’s allow the Higher Holy Spirit Self to undo all attachments we have to the habits of unhappiness and discover our true identity and live from that place!

If you’d like support for that I’m offering a forgiveness workshop to support anyone who is willing to do the work with me. You can register now, my gift to all, click now to join me: Forgive & Be Free LIVE ONLINE video forgiveness workshop. All are welcome!

When any one of us has more happiness, we are all lifted!

When I made my spiritual life and practice the most important part of my life things really began to change quickly. Making that commitment was the one thing I did that changed my life for the better. I shifted into using healing practices that became my Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp and I stopped making myself miserable.

My whole orientation changed and I began to achieve lasting success and the healing took hold in my heart and mind. I no longer have any days where I feel like I’m sliding back. That feeling is gone and I am forever grateful!

Being able to forgive myself helped me to move on and that’s why I am glad to offer this free Forgive & Be Free workshop to you today! It’s my gift!

JOIN US! Now is the time for us to be activated into walking the talk and living the Love for real. Forgiveness, and particularly Self-forgiveness is the absolute key to clearing all those veils. And that’s why I’m offering free Forgiveness Workshops online right now, so we can do this work together. Click here to register for the my Forgive & Be Free Online Video Workshop today!

Won’t you please share with others? We can all use some support in our forgiveness!

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