Christmas Eve Wishes

December 24, 2018

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I used to make the holidays a time of listing grievances. I would struggle to have a good time, and even now on Christmas Eve I can see shadows of that old way of living and thinking. I’m so glad that I don’t wish to live that way anymore.

As we’re so close to the end of the year, and since this is Christmas, let’s focus on what the deep desires of our heart are. Let’s NOT be bothered by things that are just wants and needs, and let’s focus entirely on the deep desire of our heart and what is REALLY important to us.

I believe we all have the same life purpose: to be loved and to be loving.

We’ve all got what it takes to succeed in our life purpose – it’s preinstalled.

Here’s the gift we can all give ourselves and our family this year:

Focus on what you’d like, not on what you don’t like.
Focus on the deep desire of your heart, and holding that vibration.

I think of desire as being of the “Father.” De-sire – of the Father.

What am I calling forth from my heart? I choose to BE it to SEE it.

Since like attracts like, I choose to vibrate at the frequency that I’d like to magnetize to me!

In this way we can receive, manifest and demonstrate the spiritual Beauty of the Christ within our own heart!

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