January 30, 2019

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I used to be an over-giver, and I would give to depletion. I saw it all around me in spiritual community, and the model of the over-giver was that “this is what being super spiritual looks like.” It took me some time, but I realized that this over-giving isn’t healthy, and it’s actually affirming the ego thought system of our unworthiness.No one who over-gives feels good about themselves.

We over-give because we’re trying to get something in return. We’re looking to get some sense of feeling full instead of living with the deep fulfillment of living a balanced life.

In my classes, I talk about giving and receiving because that’s such a fundamental aspect of life. Yet, how many of us were consciously taught about giving and receiving? It doesn’t seem like there are very many who really are conscious about giving and receiving.

For spiritual students, they’ve heard that giving is better than receiving, but I am grateful to report that can’t possibly be true. The only place there is to receive from is Spirit. So, in some ways it’s more vital to be able to receive well from Spirit. Without that, we won’t have ANYTHING to give that’s worth having.

I had a number of years where I really focused on shifting my ability to receive from Spirit in terms of direct insight, but also from Spirit in what people were sharing with me.

Let’s live without limits. Limits are artificial and imposed by the ego thought system of separation. We don’t need them, and we can live without them. Let’s do it. Are you with me?

In the comments below, I invite you to share a way that you over-give, that you might be willing to let go of, so that Spirit can flow in more fully! Thank you!

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