February 21, 2019

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When life hands us major storms of drama and trauma, it’s also a time for extreme and extraordinary healing. There truly is a tremendous benefit to being able to consciously go through experiences of intense overwhelm and distress. I’m not saying that it’s easy, because it isn’t. However, being able to look at our greatest upsets from a higher perspective allows us to move through it with less pain and suffering.

It’s actually a profound act of Self-Love to be willing, just willing, to stop interpreting everything that’s going on and to put a pause on thinking we know what the meaning of everything is.

When things in our life become super challenging, when the rug is pulled out from under us, it’s life-threatening to the ego. It can be helpful to remember that the ego identification is all about being identified as a being that is inside of structure, such as relationship, career, financial status, home, body, health, etc. If these structures are threatened, then the ego is threatened to such a degree that it feels as though our life is at stake, and sometimes it leads us to wish that we could die.

What’s really happening is the Spirit is breaking through the false shell of the ego/personality attachments. A Course in Miracles tells us that it need not be painful, but it usually is. It’s painful because when we’re identified with the relationships, career, financial status, etc. we don’t know who we are or how to be without them. It’s terrifying because without those things we feel worthless, and we can feel intensely disoriented.

Probably the most intense example is when a loved one dies suddenly. This is usually a huge shock. We ask, “Who am I without this person?” I remember feeling that when my Mom passed. I literally asked myself “Who am I now?”

For me, I had become identified as my mother’s caregiver, and now that role was gone. I had been her caregiver 24/7, along with my father, and that was our entire focus. Without that focus, who was I?

We become identified with the roles we play, and if they are no longer valuable or necessary it’s an intense shift for the ego. This happens with people when their animal companions make their transitions and it’s very challenging, especially because people without animal companions don’t understand. A bond with an animal can be FAR stronger than with a person because the Love is unconditional. The relationship is near perfect.

When we get fired, it can be a big shock. When our legs no longer work they way they used to, it’s a big challenge to the ego. When the beautiful woman is no longer beautiful in her own eyes, it’s a challenge. It’s like the ground beneath our feet is shaking and we’re not prepared for it.

When these challenges occur, as they do in everyone’s life, we can learn to breathe and turn to the Higher Holy Spirit Self. The most valuable thing is to be able to turn the mind away from meaning making and to reach for the truth.

The truth is that our true identity is perfect and always complete. Other people, jobs, beauty, money, houses, these things do not complete us. We are already complete.

When the question is “Who am I now?” The answer is: Pure Spirit.

Being able to turn away from interpreting events that rock our world is a great act of Self-Love that helps us to tune into our true identity as perfect and pure Spirit. This then becomes a time of great healing. We must let go of ego attachments and see what’s really true. It’s not fun, but it’s powerfully productive for our spiritual growth.

I’ve stood by many a person as they walk through this intensity of density and seen the quantum leap of growth that they can embody and then share with those around them. This is a profound aspect of our journey, and the way to appreciate it is to accept what is and remember to reach for the truth. The truth is always our liberator, and valuing it is an act of Love for our Creator and ourselves!

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