Energetic Weather

March 29, 2019

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In class yesterday, I asked people if they were feeling what I was feeling. It seems like it started on Monday. I’ll call it “energetic weather” for lack of a better term.

Sometimes I get a strong sense that there’s an energy that is affecting all of us. I don’t do any research about where it’s coming from. That’s really not important to me. What matters is how I handle it and how I use it for my benefit.

For instance, I noticed it on Monday coming back from the retreat. I was feeling SO uplifted by all the breakthroughs people had at our Spring Clearing Retreat. And I was also feeling physically tired from having done so much, but I realize that there was a feeling underneath that was not normal.

It felt to me like a tenderness, a vulnerability that wasn’t related to anything I was thinking or feeling. It got more intense on Tuesday, and really became strong on Wednesday. Less so on Thursday.

Having to deal with certain issues and decisions related to work felt almost overwhelming to me – very odd. I took a lot of breaks, extra prayer, yoga, walks in nature, baths every day, healthy eating – all to support myself with gentleness through whatever was going on.

There are certain times that this energetic weather comes in and I notice that it feels like something we’re all experiencing. Do you feel it, too, this week?

I do think it’s important not to just push through, but to be gentle with ourselves. We’re having a human experience, but we don’t have to be super-human.

I’ve been resting more and sleeping more. It feels good to self-nurture.

What have you been feeling?
How is it affecting you?
How are you handling it?
I feel it helps to know we’re not alone!
Please let me know in the comments section below!

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