April 13, 2019

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If you feel bothered by anything that’s happening in the political scene, your family, your workplace, your bank account or even your body, there’s an opportunity for you to have a healing and to be a healing presence. Any kind of upset is an opportunity to claim healing and share healing – or, we can choose to repeat the past and learn through suffering. It’s our choice, whether we realize it or not.

We can turn our challenges into healing opportunities. Bonus!

In the daily spiritual practice of nonviolence, our own inner accuracy is required. We’ve all been fooled by our own ego’s false identification with lack and limitation – convinced that we’re motivated by Spirit, when really we’re trying to manipulate someone or get something from them.

I’ve seen in myself that it can be surprisingly easy to be persuaded to adapt another person’s ego-perspective. Sometimes all it takes is the sound of a car horn blaring for us to lose our spiritual sovereignty and allow a sense of discord to overtake us. In a split-second, we can abdicate our entire spiritual practice and feel momentarily lost.

Fortunately, our practice can just as easily be lovingly resumed. It’s a choice. With a consistent spiritual practice, we cultivate the ability to choose Love. We develop the ability to accurately recognize Love guiding us and leading us, and not be fooled by the ego’s grasping, needing, wanting and craving.

In seeking the Kingdom first, we’re intending to get to the place within ourselves where we can experience any situation and be unmoved from our inner center of Peace. When we can do that, then we can be of service to others.

In THE PRINCIPLES OF HEALING, H.B. Jeffery writes, “… let us suppose that there is only one singer in a whole choir who has the proper note and key, and that all the rest are off key. If that one will keep to the true key and tempo, ignoring all the rest and singing correctly, they will all swing into the right way and soon be together with that one. This will happen, not because the true singer has given any attention to their lack of musical accuracy, but because he has kept his own accuracy, because he has maintained his knowledge and his expression of the principle of music.”

And so it is with the practice of Love. If we can but hold our own accuracy, we can shift all of those around us. This has been proven by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha and countless others. Today I seek to add my own name to the list of those who stand firm in their practice of Love by living from my own inner spiritual accuracy.

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