May 22, 2019

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Today I’m getting ready to transfer hotels to the Boston Parker House for the ACIM Conference and my pre-conference workshop tomorrow. I’m so fired up to share this weekend I have to share with you now! I just can’t wait.

You already know that I struggled for decades trying to find the spiritual keys that would unlock the pain and suffering that I was dealing with, just like everybody else. I studied so many things to try and find the answer. I read so many books and listened to so many audios, and still it eluded me. And then, I saw the Light at the end of the ego’s tunnel of distractions and realized that there was a way to speed up this process of healing.

One of my favorite quotes from Ernest Holmes is about healing and the time it takes. I love this quote so much because it opened my mind to tremendous healing.

Holmes said, “The only time that it takes to have a healing is the time that it takes to have a realization.

It took me a while, but I finally had that light bulb moment that was a lighting bolt! I had a TRUE realization, and here it is:

I was utterly convinced that healing took time.
I believed that I had to earn my healing.
I felt I KNEW that I had to undo my negative karma piece by piece.

Because I believed it I was experiencing it, because that’s how this world works.

I believed healing took time, and so it was taking me decades to slog through it.
I believed that I had to earn my healing, so I was working to earn points by volunteering, by studying spiritual programs and developing my spiritual knowledge.
I believed that I had to undo my negative karma piece by piece, and so I was doing just that by making amends, changing my mind, letting things go, and practicing compassion.

And then I began to really focus on my willingness.
I started to give real attention to each healing opportunity that presented itself and I could change my mind, go the other way.

I started to be truly, deeply grateful for the challenges that came my way that were my opportunities to practice kindness, patience, generosity of the heart, and develop a great willingness. I began to feel a great strength building in my capacity to be loving no matter what.

And then, when I was in Ministerial School, I really GOT the teaching of “Seek first the kingdom of God, which is within, and ALL ELSE will be added unto you.” I realized that I was still looking outside myself A LOT.

I decided to go ALL IN for my own spiritual practice of forgiveness and non-judgment.

I was actively practicing forgiveness by surrendering the meaning I’d attached to things from the past. AND I was actively choosing to be loving as much as I possibly good and doing better and better with it every day.

Every day I was falling down so many times. The judgments were so constant and consuming, but I didn’t give up because I had made that decision to be ALL IN.

Think of it this way:
Let’s say that you decide to be an Olympic athlete and you start training. You’ve made the decision. You are going to do this. You have to do it ALL IN or it can’t be done. Right? You cannot train to be an Olympic athlete as a hobby. That’s not even a possibility. You MUST choose to put your total focus on it or you will fail. So, that’s what I did. Now, of course, my Olympic sport is actually being able to totally focus on LOVE. That’s my “sport.”

So my spiritual training is with my heart and mind congruence.
And it is still my training today.
I improve every day.

I have not had a day of no improvement in the more than 13 years since I started this.

I have succeeded every single day, even when I had days where my judgments were spilling out all over and I said and did unkind things.

Every day I have still made progress no matter how intense the day was. Why?

Because I am not doing this alone.
I am held by the almighty LOVE of GOD and I am PART OF GOD.
God cannot fail and neither can I.

The measure of my success is my willingness to place my trust in Love in each moment. I don’t look back. I go forward. When I make mistakes and say things that are less than kind. When I get upset or annoyed, I come back into my right mind, I breathe, I pause, and I choose again.

Spirit has shown me that when I practice non-judgment of myself and stay a neutral observer of my errors then I can remain in my heart and have compassion for my shortfalls. When I express self-compassion, then I am able to really raise my vibration to a high degree of Love and as ACIM says, “All expressions of Love are MAXIMAL.”

Love IS our healer.
It is the ONLY healer that actually SOLVES the illusion of a problem because it dissolves the illusion in our mind.

When I choose to be loving and kind with myself, and not judge myself for my errors, then there’s more Love being expressed in the world than if no error had occurred in the first place.

In this way, I learned turn ALL my errors into a benefit.

Catch this: There’s more Love being expressed in this world, in my heart, BECAUSE I made an error when I practice an active self-compassion instead of judgment. This makes every error a WIN!

I could never have seen or felt this or really comprehended the power of it until I went ALL IN for Love. Love is revealing it’s “secrets” to us when we’re willing to value them. This is how I discovered that Love is the ONLY healer.

It was during that time of my life right after I decided to go ALL IN that I began to get downloads of how to transform my heart and mind very quickly. And then I was led to A Course in Miracles, which further deepened and clarified my practice.

For me, it went this way: Because I became SO willing, I got the gift of ACIM so that I could have this validation from my teacher in the external world. It became the only book I needed, and yet I knew, that even if I lost it, it was written in my heart.

That time in my life became a very intense boot camp experience where the shame, the blame, the resentments and the regrets, the gnawing guilt all fell away. I began to remember my true identity and feel a whole new understanding of my Self. I began to be glad for my life and the opportunity to redeem myself and be of service to the Light. I became grateful for everything, even if it took me a minute or two.

Then, my teacher said to me, “Jennifer, you’ve found the road map that everyone is looking for. How did you find it?”

I said, “I can only say that it appeared in front of me, step-by-step of what to do and why. I found it because I was looking for it, and it was more important to me than anything else. I am ALL IN for this spiritual healing and awakening.”

Then she said, “You must share it with others who are looking and can’t find it. They need to hear your voice and see you in order to believe it’s real.”

I didn’t really wish to do that. I had gotten so comfortable mostly being reclusive, but I knew she was right, so I asked Spirit to show me the way, and that’s how my Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Boot camp with ACIM principles came into being.

What I discovered right away, with that first offering in 2008, is that doing this work in community is SO much easier. People in class were moving SO MUCH MORE QUICKLY than I ever did. In the group effort, with the group support, people found it easy to be willing. Things that took me months, and even years, took them only minutes or days. It blew me away.

Their relationships were healing so quickly! It was then that I began to really focus on creating programs where there is a community that connects so that people will fully engage as mighty companions.

A Course in Miracles tells us that JOINING together with others to see the wholeness and perfection in each other is the fastest path. It’s true. It’s SO MUCH easier to see someone else’s perfection than our own. Our brothers and sisters are our salvation when we’re willing to see them correctly and in a non-judgmental, loving spiritual community we practice it and laugh when we fall down. Not taking ourselves so seriously is a gift!

Everything in ACIM is true. If we’re looking for the answers, if we’re looking for the way out of suffering, it can only be found in having the realizations of truth that set us free from the delusions of lack, attack and limitation.

These realizations come naturally.
ACIM calls them miracles.
We are entitled to miracles.
We are entitled to realizations.
The only time it takes to have a healing is the time it takes to have a realization of truth.

Time has nothing to do with it – only willingness does.
Your willingness is ALL that’s required.

When I was in the UK at the ACIM Conference there last weekend, I gave my talk about being ALL IN to stop playing small and shared what TRUE willingness is and is not, and how to cultivate it. SO many people were coming up to me and telling me they were inspired to go ALL IN.

AND we must walk our talk. We can’t just say these things – we must actually DO IT.

If you’re willing to be ALL IN, won’t you please join me in my Finding Freedom From Fear class that starts on June 6? If you’re willing, sign up NOW for a Goal Setting Group Session and get Clarity. Are you actually willing to receive the support necessary for you to accelerate your spiritual healing and deepen your spiritual practice?

Of course, you don’t need me. You have it all within you, but it’s so much FUN to really do this together! It’s so liberating! I love it!

I haven’t offered this class in 8 months – this is your chance, if you’d like to join me and GO FOR IT! Don’t put your healing and happiness off 1 more day. We will do the forgiveness work together in class.

My Finding Freedom From Fear Spiritual Boot Camp isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who are ready and willing to dive in and live the Love. We’re doing it together!

1st Step is to sign up for a Goal Setting Group Session – these are a gift to you to help you see if you’re actually ready and willing to do this work. There’s no charge – sign up for one now. Finding Freedom From Fear starts June 6. Find out if it’s right for you now with a Goal Setting Group Session.

Goal Setting Group Session sign up now!

Ultimately we WILL choose to be ALL IN. That day WILL come, so why wait? Today IS the day!

This is why every day I offer my “Shot of Spiritual Espresso”. I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing. Prayer is a power tool for our liberation. Pray with me today. The Prayer for Today is for Being ALL IN for God. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice. Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation. And that’s beautiful to share!

I Love you and I thank God for you. We bless each other with our willingness to rise in Spirit and come back into our right minds. Together we truly are answering our call to BE the Love. YES!

And if you’re at the Boston ACIM Conference, please give me a hug and let me know you’re ALL IN for Love!

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