May 10, 2019

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I studied the teachings of Ernest Holmes for many years in my training to become a Science of Mind Practitioner and Minister. One of the helpful things I took from Holmes’ teachings is the difference between feelings and emotions. It’s valuable for us to understand the difference between when we’re having an emotional response or reaction and when we’re experiencing a feeling.

I’ve had so much experience being an emotional drama queen – mostly being angry and argumentative. It was such a miserable way to live. I was the cause of my own unhappiness being critical and complaining constantly. It was as though I felt God had died and left me in charge of judging everything!

I became afraid of my emotions, and anger was the only one that felt safe to me. Anger is actually an emotional protective device. When I realized that I could learn to have trust and place my faith in Spirit, when I began to really practice BEING loving, that’s when my emotional life changed profoundly. I stopped having to stuff my emotional baggage and hide it.

I learned the power of feeling my emotions without stoking those fires, but simply learning to observe them without giving into them.

I have had so much healing through allowing myself to experience my emotions and letting them be expressed rather than holding them in to fester and ferment. Now it feels safer and safer for me to have my emotions and allow them to go through me. I can now easily realize that they’re not who I am.

I used to feel so intensely upset by things. Now, that is rare. It’s all because of my spiritual practice of nonjudgment and forgiveness. Nowadays I am MUCH more aware of feelings. I feel peaceful, harmonious, free, joyous. I experience much of my intuition as feelings, which are quite different from emotions.

For me, often the still, small Voice is a still small feeling. Feelings are often delicate, where emotions can be clunky and dramatic.

It’s been deeply healing for me to cultivate the feelings that I’d like to experience. We can cultivate Peace, Harmony, Joy and Freedom. We can cultivate the feeling of Abundance and Wholeness. These spiritual qualities have vibrational matches that we can feel, and we can cultivate them and attune to them. It just takes practice and willingness.

When you’re vibrating with the “frequency” of Love or Abundance, because like attracts like, you’ll be attracting more experiences of Love and Abundance into your life. It’s really not rocket science.

If you’re willing, Spirit will lead you and guide you. It’s your birthright. Go for it!

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