June 27, 2019

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Sometimes we get what I call” energetic weather.” That’s what I call it when I notice that certain waves of feelings, emotions, energetics and experiences begin to feel like a pervasive “weather” pattern that we’re all feeling at the same time. I attribute it to a combination of things like solar flares, planetary alignments, triggering events, and other kinds of influences.

I’ve noticed that, among the many people around me through the Power of Love Ministry, there are times when lots of people are having breakdowns and breakthroughs. Often, a breakdown precedes a breakthrough.

Here are some other things I’ve noticed in the past, and I see them happening now too:

  • We had the summer solstice last Friday
  • We’ve been having drops in the stock market for the past week
  • There’s been the threat of war (or something like it) with Iran
  • The latest news about the children in the detention centers is shocking, to say the least

When there is intense news, like the threat of war, children intentionally made to suffer, and the reports of women being intentionally physically mistreated because they’re seeking abortion, these kinds of things can stir up A LOT of emotion in people. It’s understandable.

One of the reasons why I share this is because when things like this occur, we often tend to think there’s something wrong with us rather than, there’s something going on and we’re feeling affected by it. I share so that people might realize that there is some real intensity happening now, and most of us are feeling it. It’s not personal.

AND, it’s actually helpful. When we get triggered we can take it as a cue to call forth healing. NOW is the time for us to open to receive all the healing we can! It’s ours for the asking!

The thing for us to understand is that our spiritual practice can help us maintain our equilibrium which is, in itself, an offering to all humanity and the Earth as well as all the other beings who live here. It may not seem plausible, but I’ve come to see how divisiveness works in this world.

Some beings that are highly identified with the ego will actively try to drag other people down into their low vibration so that they can feel more powerful.

The Buddhists teach about the temptation of the Maras.

Maras are beings who will tempt you to lose your seat and to become upset because your view of life is distorted and not centered in Love.

Before Buddha became enlightened, when we was sitting under the Bodhi tree, Mara came to tempt him, and it was the overcoming of the temptations of Mara that strengthened Buddha and supported his realization of his true identity and Buddha nature. Mara helped Buddha become Buddha. And the same is true for us.

Thich Nhat Hanh, the great teacher who was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., has a beautiful teaching on Mara and the Buddha that I highly recommend.

We can be like Buddha.

When the strong winds and storms of the Mara are blowing fiercely, and the temptation is to fight, to retaliate, to defend and to be upset, that is when we can, instead of being blown off our seat, choose to strengthen our heart and find a new power. There is a power within our heart, and that is the power of Love, which is available to us all because it is our true identity.

When the temptation is to be upset, to be bothered, and we are so tempted that holding our seat is excruciating, that is the exact moment when we can make a quantum leap in our consciousness. We must learn to look for those moments and make the most of them.

Spiritual practice really does support us in being able to be much more grounded, centered, focused, and responsive rather than reactive.

AND, this is actually helpful. When we get triggered, we can take it as a cue to call forth healing. Now’s the time for us to open to receive all the healing we can! It’s ours for the asking!

I’ve learned not to take things personally when people blow up and have meltdowns, and that’s SO helpful in not creating more mess in my life. It used to be that when I got triggered I’d have to retaliate, protect, and defend. It was like digging a hole and then jumping in. Ugh.

The more we increase our spiritual practice and connection, the more we’re eliminating the blocks to Love, and the more energy we have to stay balanced in any storm. It’s gorgeous how strong and beautiful we are when we feel connected to Spirit.

This is SO worth practicing. Spiritual practice not only saves time, it makes life much more beautiful and precious. No amount of striving in the world can accomplish what we can accomplish through deepening our spiritual practice.

And let’s remember that ALL THINGS really do work together for our good. Even when it’s hard to believe.

Let’s decide that the Mara can strengthen us in demonstrating that Love is only power there is. When we demonstrate Love, all are lifted and we are actually healed. The fastest path of healing is one of choosing Love.

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