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August 8, 2019

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Today I am waking up in Lenox, Massachusetts where I’m attending the Sat Nam Yoga Festival for kundalini yoga, and I feel blessed to once again be among my kundalini yoga friends and tribe. I have different tribes of friends in different places because of all the different communities I visit each year.

In our Masterful Living Year 3 Class yesterday, one of the things we were talking about is discipline as an initiation. In order to live as a master, we must first be a disciple, and that absolutely requires discipline. And the most healing discipline is one of Self-Love and self-care.

I love the kundalini practices because it’s an opportunity to heal and help the body while working with the mind. It’s the perfect complement to our A Course in Miracles studies.

I have a different experience of the discipline of kundalini yoga here at Sat Nam Fest, because I’m not on vacation and all of my friends are. I’m still working, teaching, writing and managing the Power of Love Ministry, which is my first love and my choice. There’s nothing I’d rather do then be a part of this global ministry community.

With each passing year, I feel how far and wide the love is spreading. Parents telling me that when they’re challenged, their children say, “What would Jennifer say?” They’re listening to prayers together. Married couples are  listening to the podcast of my radio show together. I had no vision for that when I started out teaching. Spirit is leading us all.

What I love that I can see and feel every day is that by participating and practicing together we’re growing strong, and quickly, too. The folks that I was speaking with in Masterful Living Year 3 yesterday have accomplished far more than I had in the same amount of time.

Each year, I witness those who come into Finding Freedom From Fear class and Masterful Living, when they apply it, they bloom and blossom LIGHT YEARS faster than I did. Was my despair, meanness, anger, fear, and hurt any worse than theirs, or is it the collective healing experience is much more healing?

It’s one thing to read spiritual books and listen to spiritual talks, and it’s an entirely different thing to practice it.

The two are related, but they bring very different results.

I’m so glad I managed to get out of my head and into my heart. I cannot even imagine what my life would be had I not made the leap.

One of the biggest challenges for some people is crossing over the ocean of regret and guilt for what they feel is a wasted life. I would have that, but Spirit shows me every day how I can use what I learned in those dark times to BE and bring the Light now. It’s bringing benefit to all beings, because we are of one mind.

Please share with me, tell me in the comments below how you are taking something you learned from your dark days and using it to BE and bring the Light now? I really would like to know!

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