August 2, 2019

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Yesterday in Masterful Living Class I was sharing about something that I think of a few times a year, particularly in the summer when it’s hot. And yesterday there was a story in the news that prompted me yet again.

The story yesterday was similar to one that I had heard a few years ago. A man had forgotten to drop his one-year-old twins at daycare on his way to work and they perished in the hot car while he was at work. A few years ago, it was a woman who had done a similar thing.

These parents are obviously exhausted. Working full-time with a commute while raising babies is, I think ALL would agree, exhausting. It would be easy for some to accuse the parents of a crime and to judge them, but I cannot. My heart goes out to them.

There are many spiritual teachings that say that no one can die before their time. I have faith in that. I don’t believe in accidents, random occurrences or luck. That’s not the Universe I live in.

No matter how chaotic and random things seem, I live in an orderly Universe that is ordered by a vast, completely loving Intelligence in which we do have free will. Yet, as A Course in Miracles teaches us, the script is already written.

Perhaps in one version of this man’s script, he makes choices that lead him to go to bed earlier and so he’s better rested and not on auto-pilot and his children survive.

I don’t know what anything is for, but I do absolutely KNOW that everything works together for our good and there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

I see that we can undo our negative beliefs, which helps us to make more loving choices, which bring better results and opens up the higher vibrational aspects of our script and eliminates the more painful lessons.

ACIM clearly tells us, There is no need to learn through pain. And gentle lessons are acquired joyously, and are remembered gladly. What gives you happiness you want to learn and not forget. It is not this you would deny. Your question is whether the means by which this course is learned will bring to you the joy it promises. If you believed it would, the learning of it would be no problem. You are not a happy learner yet because you still remain uncertain that vision gives you more than judgment does, and you have learned that both you cannot have.” T-21.I.3.

Every moment of every day, we decide whether to serve the ego or the Light.

It’s our free will to choose.

We can make loving choices our unloving choices.

We can learn through pain or Joy.

We are the deciders. That’s why I like to stick together and be in a supportive and loving community of like-minded souls who are doing this work together, helping each other to be kind to ourselves and to remember to laugh.

What do you feel about this? Please let me know in the comments below!

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