I Choose Peace

August 9, 2019

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One of the most challenging and frustrating patterns I’ve experience in my lifetime is the one where I was constantly picking fights with people. It could be “big deal” upsets or minor annoyances. I was so critical and a chronic complainer. I was a fault-finder. It’s such a relief to move out of that pattern. Now, I really will go to lengths to resolve things rather than be in an argument with someone. I use to run to conflict, and now I’m just not interested.

I can see that the shift in my mind comes from realizing there is no “other.” I’m One with each person I encounter. Just as I’m interested in having Harmony with myself, I’m interested in having Harmony with everyone else. I’d like Harmony in my cellular structure as well as in my relationships.

When there is no “other”, there’s no one to fight with. That’s a great relief, if you’re willing to see it! Most people are actually making up the fight and projecting it outward.

I love so much the A Course in Miracles lesson #25: I do not know what anything is for.

I’ve given everything I see all the meaning that it has for me. When I’m upset, I’ve done it to myself. When I’m not making meaning anymore, I’m at Peace.

I’d rather choose Peace. I really like Peace.

When I can stand in the not knowing what anything is for, there’s nothing to be offended by or hurt by.

Releasing the habit of making meaning, judging, and complaining is so worthwhile! I’m surprised it’s not more popular!

Imagine this: I used to be the queen of taking offense. All I was doing was upsetting myself, firing up my adrenals and making myself miserable – and all for what? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. A war with myself that cannot be won!

Imagine waging war on yourself. That’s what I used to do. It’s very popular, but it has no actual benefits. It does, however, use up our life and occupy our attention. It’s a good way to avoid actually sharing your gifts and talents.

For the longest time, I didn’t see I had a choice. What a breakthrough to realize being upset is optional!

What is the judgment or opinion that used to haunt you and that you’ve been able to free yourself of? What difference did it make in your life? Please share! I’m so interested in knowing.

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