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August 4, 2019

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It seems like everywhere I turn the topic of Self-Love is coming up. Right now, I’m just coming off a 21-day liver cleanse that I can feel has been so beneficial to me. I feel so clear and bright. I’m remembering my dreams more clearly. I feel so calm and peaceful. It’s lovely. Perhaps because of having done this cleanse, an act of Self-Love, I’m more aware of the challenges many people face with Self-Love.

“I don’t even know what Self-Love means, Jennifer,” Is something I hear a lot. It makes sense. In a world where the #1 problem we have is that we feel unworthy because we believe we’re separate from Source, it makes perfect sense that people would have forgotten what Self-Love actually is.

Self-Love is Self-care, and by that I mean the care of our Higher Self. It’s the connection with the Higher Holy Spirit Self that is the most Self-loving thing that we can choose. Lack of connection brings a belief in lack of Love. There can be no lack of Love when Love is all there is. In our true reality Love is all, abundant, free, in and through all. How could there be any lack of Love?

But when we believe ourselves unworthy of Love, we’ll despise and deride ourselves, and then we will experience a great sense of lack and limitation of our own making.

We judge ourselves so much that we don’t feel worthy of Love – and yet Love is what we are. So, how can we heal this?

I’m all about a practical application of spiritual teachings and, in particular, A Course in Miracles. ACIM offers us so many ways to effectively be kind and loving to ourselves so that we can awaken from this dream of separation. Let’s look at some of them and decide to apply them in our lives.

Lesson 5 – I am never upset for the reason I think. This is so helpful to me, because it reminds me that I can just drop it if I’m willing. As someone who used to be upset A LOT, and who used to look for things to be upset about, this helped me to get out of that habit. Provoking myself and others to be upset is not Self-loving and leads to a miserable life. I’m not interested in that anymore! DONE!

Lesson 25 – I do not know what anything is for. Since I don’t know what anything is for, I’m probably not right about much and I can stop arguing and acting as if I am. Since I don’t know what anything is for, I can stop thinking I know what others should do, and that’s a big load off. Instead of going around trying to control everything, I can relax and enjoy life as it is. Life is not controllable, and trying to control it is the perfect recipe for misery.

Lesson 68 – Love holds no grievances.
I know that my nature is Love. God is Love and I am part of God. So, my opportunity is to teach only Love, since that is what I am. Therefore, I can’t be in tune with Life and hold grievances. I was a grudge holder for a long time. All it did was suck the life out of my life. I didn’t win any prize that is worth having. Let that sh*t go. Enough.

Practicing these lessons daily, walking the talk and living the Love, that’s where the Self-Love is generated from. It ripples throughout my life and brings me happiness each day. If you’d like to some inspiration, check out my radio show episode: Valentine’s Day Reboot. It’s all about Self-Love.

Self-attack, and generating lots of upset is self-abuse. When we engage in it, we’re teaching that it’s worthwhile. That’s affecting our family and loved ones in a negative way. We can put an end to it. There’s no greater gift we can share with the people we care most about.

When we Love ourselves, then we’re being a beneficial presence on this planet.
When we’re not being loving, then we’re being a destructive presence on this planet.

We have a mission in this world. We’re here to bring the darkness to the Light. We cannot be happy while going around casting shade everywhere we go. That has got to stop. We cannot be happy if we’re not living in service to the Light. Seriously. No service, no satisfaction. No service means no awakening. No service means no value, no meaning. We are born to serve, and it is in that devotion to the Light that we can find a true and sustaining happiness.

When we love ourselves, we raise our vibration, and since like attracts like – we can dramatically alter our experience in this life! WOO-HOO!

If you’d like to join me in daily expressions of Self-Love you might like to subscribe to my “Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso”. I offer ways each day to work with the mind to bring about healing.

If you’re on Facebook, another way to participate in this great and grand return to Love is to join me at the A Course in Miracles Pledge – ACIM Angels page where I share new insights daily in ways that are fun and inspirational.

Let’s make the most of every opportunity for our healing and awakening and remember to laugh when we forget. Every day I offer my “Shot of Spiritual Espresso”. I write spiritual inspiration and record a prayer for our healing. Prayer is a power tool for our liberation. Pray with me today. The “Prayer for Today” is for Eliminating Self-Abuse. We use technology to transcend time and space and deepen our spiritual practice and connect with each other. Our spiritual practice is our path of liberation. And that’s beautiful to share!

We’re all on a journey of relinquishing the blocks to Love, and there is so much help for us in the invisible. We are never alone. I Love you and I thank God for you. We bless each other with our willingness to rise in Spirit and come back into our right minds. Together, we truly are answering our call to BE the Love. YES!

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If you’re a spiritual healer, counselor, or teacher, you might be interested in one of my professional programs.  PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE to fill out my latest survey of your interests,  please click here now !  This way I’ll be sure to keep you informed.
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