Life is Worth Celebrating

August 10, 2019

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Life is filled with so many twists and turns. Sometimes it seems unbearably hard, and other times it can be so beautiful that it makes you cry. I’ve learned to celebrate the little things – and there are a LOT of them for us to celebrate!

I remember once when a friend was a finalist in a job opportunity that meant a lot to them. I suggested that we celebrate just being considered in the top group of applicants and making it to the finals. My friend got really upset with me, as though somehow celebrating this accomplishment was crazy and unthinkable. It was a very strong reaction.

I backed off immediately, but I was surprised that the idea of celebrating a really noteworthy occurrence would be threatening. I get it now. People often have a strong resistance to celebrating the good in life. We barely even notice some of the greatest gifts we’re given.

I have an amazing ability to fall asleep so quickly 99 days out of 100. I have to say all my prayers sitting up, before bed. I get into bed and start to pray, and I’m usually out like a light in 60 seconds. I usually sleep until it’s time to wake up, maybe a quick trip to the bathroom in the night if I had a lot to drink before bed.

I have great digestion. I can breathe easily. I rarely get sick. I don’t find myself threatened very often. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I had a nightmare. I vaguely recall something weird, but nothing terrifying. I don’t worry.

These are all blessings.

I celebrate them.

I am SO GRATEFUL for these things.

I can celebrate that I don’t own a blow dryer and can just let my hair dry naturally and it’s always good enough. These little things are so worth celebrating. They make a difference in the quality of my life.

I don’t like the sound of a blow dryer. It’s like take a leaf blower to your head. It unnerves me, and fortunately I don’t need to use one. I can go outside in the winter with a wet head of hair and feel unthreatened.

When we celebrate the good and give thanks for it, it multiplies the good.
And that’s another reason to celebrate!

I have a few sweet days with friends at Sat Nam Fest, and although I’m not on vacation, I am working a full day each day, I can take time to enjoy my friends on breaks and that’s worth celebrating!

What are you grateful for that you don’t normally celebrate, but could! Let’s brainstorm together and see what we can come up with. More of life to celebrate. Please share!

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