Healing the Cause of Worry

January 9, 2020

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Look, I’ll be honest with you. I used to feel like a victim.

I was a victim of all the things that were happening in the world that I didn’t like.

I was a complainer. I complained about all the things that were happening in the world that I didn’t like.

I made myself miserable with all my complaints. I decided to stop making myself miserable, and I made a commitment to Self-Love.

That commitment required me to realize that my misery was not a result of what was happening in the world, my misery was the result of my thoughts ABOUT what was happening in the world.

My complaints were a symptom of the underlying fear I had.

Fear, worry and anxiety are all caused by stinking thinking.

Worry and anxiety are the direct results of beliefs that CAN be changed.

Fear-based thinking is NOT the result of things happening in the world – and it never will be.

It’s easy to assume that we’re thinking fearful thoughts because of our experiences, but this world just doesn’t work that way.

The mind doesn’t work that way.

First, we have a belief and THEN we have an experience that reflects that belief – and then we interpret the experience to prove our belief is true. But it doesn’t prove our belief is TRUE – it only proves that we are investing in that belief, consciously or unconsciously.

It’s so important to be willing to get this and to apply it throughout our days.

Applying this teaching from A Course in Miracles brings great relief from emotional and mental suffering.

It takes practice.
It takes effort.
It takes willingness.
It takes determination.

What could be more worth the investment than ending your fear, doubt and worry?

I can’t think of anything, can you?

Living a peaceful life is just one of the important and valuable things we practice in my year-long Masterful Living Course. We actively practice healing the sense of separation that keeps us disconnected from Spirit. We cultivate the relationship with Spirit. We transform the most painful parts of our life.

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I am grateful for this path of healing that we’re on and our ability to cultivate a spiritual practice that lifts us up above the battleground! Onward and upward, together we rise in Love!

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