February 26, 2020

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I’ve come to learn that we’re all brilliant. Every single one of us. We each have an inner genius, and we can express that genius in our own unique ways.

Maybe someone else might not think that one person’s ability to make other people feel at home is genius, but we don’t all have to agree.

Spirit has designed us all with an inner talent and ability that is remarkable.

What I’ve noticed is that I’ve gone from being someone who is smart and clever and able to figure out lots of things to one who is getting better and better at listening. I’m getting good at listening, and that’s very fulfilling.

Because of my listening to Spirit, I catch things that are amazing, brilliant and beautiful.

I follow them and implement them. I test these ideas and explore them.

These brilliant ideas that Spirit gives me are not mine and they’re not beyond me. They are Spirit’s insights landing in my awareness because I’m ready to receive them.

My increasing receptivity can make me seem brilliant or like a genius, but that’s the thing – we all have it, but we don’t all ALLOW it.

I don’t take credit for the genius that comes through, but I sure do appreciate it.

It’s marvelous!


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