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February 10, 2020

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This is what I’ve noticed: When we live our life to serve the Light, then we KNOW in each moment that we’re on track and all is well, regardless of what the appearances are.

Each day we choose what we will serve – God or mammon, Spirit or ego, Higher Holy Spirit Self or small, selfish self.

When we are living our life in service to the selfish self, we become annoyed, offended, manipulative and depressed.

When we live to serve the Light, we have insights, miracles, delightful surprises and ever-increasing faith.

We’re the ones who invented this illusory life separate from Spirit, and as long as we serve that dream we are making it impossible for us to be happy for more than a moment.

When we serve Spirit with our life, then we are fulfilling our destiny.

For the ego-identified person, it’s hard to imagine that putting Spirit in charge would mean we could have a happy life. The more I place Spirit in charge, the more Peace I have.

Putting Spirit in charge requires me to have trust in Spirit.
I’ve had to develop that trust.

And here’s how I did it:

In each and every moment, we’re placing our trust in either Love or our own perceptions and projections. I realized that putting my trust in my perceptions and projections was a HUGE mistake and was ruining my life. I decided to quit it the same way I quit smoking. One moment at a time. One decision at a time.

I was willing to really look at the many decisions I was making to rely upon my own interpretations of things and realize how much I was hurting myself.

I decided to put Spirit in charge.

It’s a journey.

I am on this road of development of trust every day.

Each and every day, I discover new ways that I’m not helping myself that I can correct and I rejoice to discover them.

I’m unlocking a joyful life. I’m traveling with like-minded souls. It’s a journey of discovery.

And this is precisely how we serve the Light.

Each in our own way, and yet together.

Doing this inner work on our own is really challenging. Most people don’t do it. But what I’ve learned from offering my Masterful Living Course these past 11 years is that doing it together, in community with like-minded souls, Spirit is in the midst of us and we become truly miracle-minded. Extraordinary healing happens in our community because of the level of support we offer each other. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

And that’s why I’m re-opening Masterful Living registration for 1 week only!

If you’re SO READY to make a change and don’t know quite how, if you have any inkling that TRULY living A Course in Miracles would heal your life, your relationships and your body, we may be the community for you. There’s so much support from like-minded folks all around the world. New friends await you. Prayer Partners. And a heck of a lot more.

Trust your intuition and book an Exploratory Call now to talk with a Spiritual Counselor – get all your questions answered so you can know if Masterful Living is the thing for you this year. Let this be the year your spiritual practice transforms your life in ways that you never thought possible.

FREE CLASSES – Enjoy them now:

Self-Love: A Gift You Give Yourself for Valentine’s Day – 2 FREE online classes Feb 13 and Feb 14 – come and invite a friend. Click here to register now.

Resisting growth is a form of self-sabotage. My End My Self-Sabotage Challenge is available now on replay. Enroll now, the first 2 days are free.

We’re developing the ability to Love ourselves free of all resistance to living a life of Love and we’re willing to look at no longer playing small. We’re cultivating the willingness to rise and shine and break out of our cocoons.


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