April 27, 2020

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Many people are feeling stressed right now. Some are feeling SUPER stressed, and almost everyone is feeling some kind of tension, so here are some tips to help you eliminate stress.

This is something I talked about in our Sundays With Spirit yesterday:

Eliminate the idea that things are bad. Labeling things bad is really a judgment that just upsets us and doesn’t bring any benefit at all. None.

Labeling things bad will definitely IMMEDIATELY cause you to feel more stressed.

So what’s the benefit?

A Course in Miracles teaches us that everything works together for our good and there are no exceptions, so why label things bad?

We label things bad because that’s the ego-mind pattern for separation. The ego-mind is relentless in its labeling, sorting, and separating.

When we start labeling things bad, deep down, somewhere in our awareness, we know that we’re perpetuating separation thinking and we’re modeling the “benefits” of it for all to see.

It’s so common for spiritual students to label things bad. I was the most prolific labeler! And now, I can tell you that it made me miserable, but I didn’t realize that was the issue. I thought it was things OUTSIDE me that were upsetting me.

Whenever I choose to label things bad it’s going to bother me because there’s no love in labeling things bad.

ACIM Lesson #25: I do not know what ANYTHING is for.

If I don’t know what it’s for, how can I label it bad?

If everything works together for my good, how can I label bad unless I’d like to reject my good?

I’ve had enough of rejecting my good. Enough, I tell you!

So, if we’d REALLY like to reduce our stress, and we’re not just kidding ourselves, we’re going to have to stop labeling things bad.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

May you have a less stressful day!


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