My Walk of Shame

January 27, 2021

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I’m getting ready to start my Challenge to End Self-Sabotage this weekend and I’ve been contemplating what a difference it’s made to me in my life to no longer invest so much time and energy engaging in behaviors that leaving me feeling badly about myself.

Watching too much TV

Eating too much or the wrong foods

Drinking too much

Working too much

Obsessing about sex


Talking on the phone excessively

Working out too hard and too long

There are so many ways, and plenty more, that we can distract and punish ourselves with self-medication.  It’s self-sabotage, plain and simple.

For a long, long time I felt really badly about myself because of all that time, energy and money invested in self-sabotage.  

Every time I collapsed into self-medication I’d feel like an utter failure as a spiritual student and as a teacher.  I didn’t feel worthy of the gifts God has given me.

I’d feel compelled to turn away from Spirit because of that deep sense of shame and unworthiness.  

I know that if someone had offered me anything remotely like this Challenge we’re beginning on Saturday (1st day is FREE) – it would have changed so much for me.

When we hide in the darkness, isolating, shaming ourselves, it’s really, REALLY challenging to tell anyone what we’re doing, much less get help with it.

That’s why I offer the programs I do – because I know what that feels like. 

I know how challenging it is.

And now I also know HOW to break out of it.  

So, I have to share.  I feel compelled.

If this interests you, please come join me this Saturday and we’ll begin together, with a group of like-minded souls – and we’ll move out of the darkness and into the Light.

We don’t have anymore of our lives to waste.

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

STARTS SATURDAY:  We’re doing it again – my 6 Day Challenge program to end the self-sabotage of self-medication. First day is free! – click here to register now and get some pain relief.

Please join with a friend and let’s get our healing ON!


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