I Was SO Done!

February 28, 2021

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This week in my Sacred Circle we were talking about the Development of Trust section in Chapter IV Manual for Teachers of A Course in Miracles. This is a section I find so helpful to understand and it talks about the importance of understanding what it means when we have attachments to things that are distractions, false idols, and limiters.

If we’re not willing to give up attachments to help ourselves they will sometimes seem to be taken away from us so that we can realize they’re not valuable, and are, in fact, harming us in some way. It’s a painful experience we can avoid, but we so often don’t.

That’s a hard lesson that we all go through.
I’ve been through it more times than I could ever count.

And, I’m happy to say that I’m not aware of it much lately. I’ve learned to let things go with a lot more ease and grace. Good God Almighty, I’m so grateful for my ability to learn things FINALLY after a few THOUSAND painful lessons! Phew!

I find it helps to look around my life and see where things are uncomfortable and a bit sticky.

I’ve not studied Marie Kondo’s methods of decluttering, but I do know she advises getting rid of things that don’t bring us joy. Let’s do the same with behaviors, patterns, beliefs and thoughts.

The method I use that has been so helpful for me is to simply say to Higher Holy Spirit Self “Please take this out of my mind, my life and my being. Heal it back to the root cause so I never think of it again and please do the same for anyone else who has this thought.”

I’ve found that if I’m truly interested in letting it go, it goes. If I’m still interested in playing around with it, it stays, but now I’m more aware that I’m making a choice.

Here’s an example: If I get bothered by something, I can chew on it like a dog with a bone. I can chew and chew and chew all day and for days.

Okay, maybe we could say I get obsessed with it.

I think about it from every angle.
I have 50,000 conversations about it in my mind.
I analyze every detail backwards and forwards.
I ruin my experience of life with it because I’m not present in the moment.
I am mentally in the past reviewing or the future fantasy of what to do.

None of that is enjoyable or even helpful.
So I decided to break that mental habit.

I had no idea HOW to do it.
But I have a relationship with the one who does.
I know the knower who knows.
Higher Holy Spirit Self.

Higher Holy Spirit Self knows exactly how this problem became a problem. It knows the decisions I made in the past that I have the opportunity to undo right now.

Higher Holy Spirit Self knows precisely why this is coming up for healing right now.

Higher Holy Spirit Self knows how to heal our mind with laser pin point precision. And the bonus is we don’t have to keep thinking about it. We really can just keep putting Spirit in charge of it.

A Course in Miracles makes it clear to us: Our willingness is ALL that’s required.

In other words, our willingness is the ONLY thing that’s required. We do have to be willing to let our attachment to figuring it out, understanding it, and making micro-decisions about it in the form of an analysis.

No analysis by our ego-identified mind is needed or required by Spirit in order to have the healing.

We ONLY have to make the decision to be truly, authentically, willing to let that thing go.

No one else can decide it for us.

And the good news is that Freedom is at hand WHEN we’re willing to let it go.

I remember one time I had broken up with a boyfriend that I dearly loved and it was so very hard for me. I was just torn apart by it.

I decided to have a sacred ceremony of releasing the attachment. I wrote a long letter of gratitude to him and I took my letter, and a photo and some other bits of memorabilia and I went to the ocean. I did a little burning bowl ceremony on the rocks and I let the ocean take the ashes at high tide. I fully intended to break the attachment, I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I was SO ready to be done, but I didn’t know how to “get ‘er done.”

In my mind, when I walked away from the ocean that day I’d left the attachment to my ex on what I call the “holy altar fire of God’s Infinite Love for me.”

I didn’t know how to end the attachment, but I was ready to be done with it, so I went to the knower who knows and I let my decision to be done be known, and I asked for help with the release.

I was amazed that it happened. It was a miracle to me that it really did worked. My obsessive thinking dissolved.

That taught me something that I’ve never forgotten: Be willing, put Spirit in charge of the HOW.

I invite you to look around your life and see where your painful attachments are. They’re often in the form of getting things right or seeing what others are doing wrong, and thinking it SHOULD or SHOULDN’T be a certain way.

I like my life better with Spirit in charge and that obsessive thinking doesn’t happen anymore. What a relief!

TODAY, you can join me for our Sundays With Spirit celebration. Dear friend Cindy Lora Renard is our speaker this week! We’re coming together to share our inspiration in many ways. We’ll have a spiritual celebration together with message and music – we call it Sundays With Spirit. Please invite your family! If you can’t join us, you can catch the replay! Because we’re going to be live on Zoom, you’ll have to register to get the details. All are welcome, there’s no charge, but you do have to register unless you’ve already registered in the past.

My Sacred Circle is my weekly spiritual counseling call. We have an amazing group of folks from around the world who join together once a week, four times a month and I answer any questions people have. It’s an absolutely beautiful gathering of like-minded souls who are healing the day-to-day challenges by rising up together. You’re invited to join us – click here to learn more now.


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