Love and Sacrifice

March 2, 2021

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One of the most destructive thoughts that’s also pervasive in our world is the idea that we must make sacrifices for Love.

As they say, “nothing could be further than the truth.”

A Course in Miracles tells us that sickness is a defense against the truth, and we could safely say that sacrifice is an OFFENSE against the truth.  

When we believe that sacrifice is called for in our relationships we’re deluding ourselves onto a staircase to the depths of hell.  As I talked about last week in my podcast, you know you’re on the stairway to heaven or hell based on how you feel.  If you feel resentment over a sacrifice you’ve made, then the thing to know is that you’ve done it to yourself and it can be undone.  

Let’s not suffer anymore.

Suffering IS optional.

Love and Sacrifice is the topic of my podcast this week.

I’ll be examining how it is that we came to think that sacrifice could have anything to do with Love in the first place.

Then I’ll look at how profoundly destructive this concept is – and how insidious it is in our thinking.

We can pluck these beliefs our of our awareness, like weeding a garden, but it does take a great willingness to actually do this work.  

The healing can’t happen by just reading about it or listening to the podcast, but I’ll give you some real clear steps and some incentive this week to do the weeding and call forth miraculous healing!

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