Pleasure and Sacrifice

March 9, 2021

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Almost everyone likes to feel good.  We find the pleasures we enjoy and seek out more of them.  Some people go to extremes and become obsessed with pleasure, but most people don’t fall down that hall.  

Pleasure can be a distraction.  

We can use pleasure to distract us from important things like our relationships, our work, even our self-care.  

Pleasure can be come an addiction that’s a form of self-medication.  That self-medication can actually lead to misery and suffering, but in our mind there’s still some association with pleasure.  

Ice cream and chocolate can be wonderful pleasures to enjoy, but when we turn to them as self-medication then it’s similar to having a false idol that leads to our pain and suffering.

It’s helpful to remember that even the most wonderful pleasure is nothing compared to the heaven of being truly aligned with Spirit and awakening from the illusion of separation.  

We cannot settle for pleasure.

If we settle for mere pleasure, even the most delicious and delightful, we’re delaying our awakening.  Why would we do that except that we believe ourselves to be unworthy of heaven.  This is the mind set of the one who feels cast out of heaven.  

I use the phrase “heaven is at hand” to remind myself of the truth.  

A Course in Miracles tells us “I could choose peace instead of this.”  We can choose heaven instead of settling for pleasure.

If we settle for pleasure we’re denying ourselves heaven and it’s never going to be worth it.

Let’s choose heaven together today!

All pleasure is of the body and all temptation is of the body too.  Can we enjoy our life without making pleasures wrong and bad?  Can we eliminate the guilt that sometimes comes from enjoying the pleasures of life.  This is what I’m going to be sharing about in my podcast today.

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