Lifting Up From Despair

April 7, 2021

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It’s very common for people to go through a period of despair on the way to rising up out of the ego’s quagmire. I certainly did.

Despair is a systemic hopelessness.

When we believe many of the ego thoughts and move into a place of feeling that there’s no hope for us then despair is quick to follow. It feels natural, in a way.

If we believe the insanity of the ego we’ll feel trapped.
If we feel trapped without a way out, then we’re going to feel despair.

We can actually choose not just to be hopeful, but to be visionary. We can hold a vision of Love for our lives. Being willing – just willing – to hold a vision can feel impossible when we’re hopeless. I get that.

We don’t have to have a vision of total transformation, but we can. We can have a simple vision for small things that we enjoy to keep encouraging us. Things like the smile of a love done.

Having a vision of even a small bit of happiness can make a huge difference in our life.

Spirit is such a powerful thing – and we can let it teach us how to heal the despair by giving the despair to Spirit for healing.

Add in some gratitude for something you appreciate and your vibration will lift.

A willingness to be hopeful, even about something small – like being hopeful about having your favorite ice cream or watching your favorite tv show – can be transformative. Little lifts in our vibration add up to a state change.

Energetically, being hopeful about ANYTHING can be life sustaining. I find it’s very helpful to ask for a sign that we’re on the right path!

We don’t have to live in despair, it’s a choice. We may not know how to find the choice, but Spirit does.

Let’s give Spirit the heavy lifting of removing our despair and pointing the way.

Let’s partner UP and ask for a sign today!

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