Great Gratitude

May 8, 2021

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Mother’s Day is tomorrow and for some it can be a time of mixed emotions.  Many of us no longer have their mother here on the planet and we miss them.  Others have been intensely wounded in their experience with their mother.  It’s not easy.

Something that we often forget to give thanks for is the precious gift of human life.  More often than not it can feel like a burden to us.  It can be hard to imagine that we deeply desired to have this experience of humanity.  

It may seem as though our human life was thrust upon us and we didn’t wish for it, but that couldn’t possibly be the case.  There many spiritual teachings about the precious gift of a human birth. 

Our human birth wouldn’t have been possible without our mother.  This human life is what is giving us the journey to enlightenment and true liberation.  Whether we believe it or not, this is the fast track!  

I’ve learned the power of gratitude.  

I’ve learned the power of being grateful for things just as they are.

With gratitude we can rise up and we’re closer to being joyful.

Let’s give thanks for everything in our lives, even the most difficult and depressing things.  In each one is the seed of our expansion and a step towards our liberation.  

When we can be grateful even for our heartbreaks, as crazy as it sounds, we’re closer to knowing our true spiritual identity because we’re closer to seeing that everything in this world is actually neutral and we’ve given everything in this life all the meaning that it has for us.

Let’s choose liberation and let’s share the benefits with our brothers and sisters.

“If you are grateful to your brother, you are grateful to God for what He created.  Through your gratitude you come to know your brother, and one moment of real recognition makes everyone your brother because each of them is of your Father.  Love does not conquer all things, but it does set all things right.”   T-4.VI.7. 

SUNDAY: I’m speaking at Sundays With Spirit for Mother’s Day on Sunday! All are welcome.

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