I Couldn’t Do It Anymore

May 30, 2021

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Confusion used to be For so long, it was so easy for me to get completely turned around and confused. Our days can be a myriad of events and interactions that almost seem to pummel us. Information is constantly pouring in and cluttering up our mind.

For decades I couldn’t tell the difference between ego’s voice and Spirit’s inspiration and I’d go off in directions that I thought were Spirit’s inspiration, but they were just ego distractions and detours.

With all that’s going on in this world and in our lives, we can lose perspective on what’s important, and stay in a haze of meaningless activity for a very long time.

What cuts through the haze is our spiritual practice. A valuable spiritual practice is one that we can be consistent with, and that feels uplifting. I’m clear that the best practice for me is one that I live ALL DAY LONG.

It’s my practice walking the talk and living the Love each day that keeps me clear headed. Sometimes I stumble and fall, but I get back up and start again. There’s learning in the stumble and the fall, and the getting up too. To learn anything at all is a blessing.

I used to have a focus on collecting information. I thought if I knew more, it would help me to feel better and be happy.

In my pursuit of the “right” information, I read a lot of books and magazines and had lots of informative conversations. I was trying to pay attention to as many things in the world as I possibly could. It was tiring and I often felt that I wasn’t doing a good enough job. There was always so much information I didn’t have. I couldn’t easily quote Oscar Wilde or Helen Keller. There were always so many classics I still hadn’t read yet. I was driving more and more slowly on the information super highway of life, but not getting anywhere.

I was failing at collecting all the information I needed to have in case I was suddenly called to a dinner party with all the contributing writers for the New Yorker Magazine. I didn’t really read the New York Times thoroughly and I was caring about it less and less. I had a stack of spiritual books by my bed that was taller than my nightstand. All books I “should” read, but really didn’t want to.

I just couldn’t pretend anymore.

I was investing money in things like that – books I didn’t actually want to read – and that really didn’t matter to me, but I thought would make me a better person. I was looking for some spiritual seal of approval. Can you relate?

For a long time, I didn’t realize that by collecting books and information to make me better, I was affirming that there was something wrong with me, so even if I did read all the books cover to cover and had the ability to write a paper about them, it was all just affirmation of my “not enoughness.”

No wonder I didn’t want to read those darn books!
I took 14 grocery bags full of books to the library and donated them.

Fortunately, I started to realize that all that information collecting was a distraction to me and not that helpful.

I cancelled all magazines and newspapers. I stopped watching the news. Through a series of events with my then landlord, my cable was disconnected so there went my tv watching. I started to read only the books I had a passion for and I read them very slowly and carefully.

A bonus was that I stopped having conversations about information. I began to recognize that the best reason to have a conversation was for the purpose of relating to people: living the Love and walking the talk, and NOT proving how much information I knew.

I realized I could focus mostly on talking about our lives and leave the information super highway behind. I found an exit, and took it and I’ve been very glad that I did.

Information just isn’t satisfying to me anymore.
I find that it can really clutter the mind.

The bottom line: Information isn’t healing.
Being loving is healing.
Forgiveness is healing.

Clearing out the judgments, the opinions, the grudgers and greivances, as well as my complaints and criticisms made me realize that I’d rather focus on experiencing and expressing Love, that’s much more interesting than anything else! PLUS, it gives me the added bonus of contributing to a clear mind!

My invitation to you is to look at where you’re collecting information that’s just not truly helpful or satisfying.

Information isn’t healing and it can have the effect of confusing and cluttering one’s mind.

The focus on collecting information is a distraction of the ego. The ego analyzes to try to learn what it needs to be safe. The Spirit knows that being loving is our safety. No information is needed for that.

You can ask yourself, who really wants to read the book, me or the ego? The Spirit already knows everything. I find that spending time with Spirit is far more expansive and deeply satisfying. It’s healing. It’s also less expensive!

We can actively choose transformation for our liberation in each moment by staying alert to when the ego is presenting a distraction. We can choose transformation for our liberation all day, every day and leave the past behind. Let’s step up our game and put the collection of information behind us. Let’s clear the mental clutter and make room for spiritual insights! Today’s the day!

Are you seeing a steady stream of miraculous results from your spiritual practice?

If not, are you interested in cultivating a spiritual practice that brings you to that miracle mindedness and leaves behind the ego pursuit of information?

Are you realizing that studying isn’t healing to the mind?

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If you’ve been thinking about doing my for a while, but just haven’t been ready, consider booking an exploratory call with one of the spiritual counselors. They can answer all your questions and you’ll know what’s best for you.
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