Living by Grace

June 18, 2021

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I’m deeply inspired by the words of Joel S. Goldsmith. There have been many times that reading his words I couldn’t help but weep with gratitude for his clarity and his Love for our Creator.

In the programs we offer at the Power of Love Ministry we seek clarity.

We focus on clearing the mental trash and emotional clutter that distracts us from our spiritual progress.

When our mind is clear we can share with others insights that are gold and diamonds for our spiritual awakening. These kinds of insights are what Goldsmith shares in his beautiful teachings. I’m grateful to be able to share this with you now. It inspires me so very much!

“Right here and now, I accept the grace of God. I accept the grace of God as the allness and onlyness and perfection of my being, of my body, of my business.

I accept God’s grace as companionship, as home, as opportunity, as success.

I accept, consciously, the grace of God as a law unto my being—as the only law, the only law operating in my mind, in my consciousness, in my heart, in my life, in my soul, in my being, in my body, in all that concerns me.

I consciously accept God as the one influence in my life. I accept the activity of the Christ, the spirit of Soul. I accept the love of God as the only love in my experience. I consciously reject any love which is not of God. I consciously reject every love which is not of God, every law which is not of God, every belief which is not of God, anything and everything of a material and a mental nature which is not of God. And in doing this, I open myself to receive divine grace in consciousness, to accept the government of God in place of the government of matter and material beliefs and mental beliefs, mortal beliefs and theories, and superstitions.

Why should I be under the subject of where the stars are in the sky? Why should I be under the superstitions of a church? Why should I be under the superstitions of astrology or theology? Why should I even be under the superstitions of natural law? Why not, in my inner consciousness, realize, God’s government is supreme, and it operates through grace.

And I, here and now, accept the grace of God.”

Excerpted from The Government of Eden: Spiritual Principles for Living in Peace, by Joel S. Goldsmith

I encourage you to read this passage out loud often and let the inspiration ripple through your awareness!

SUNDAY: Father’s Day is coming this weekend and my father is joining us at Sundays With Spirit. You can join us too! I’ve asked my Dad to be willing to have people ask him questions, so if you’ve got one, bring it!


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