Course Correction

July 1, 2021

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In A Course in Miracles, in the section on the Laws of Chaos, (I did 5 episodes of my podcast on this last year) Jesus tells us that punishment isn’t ever helpful.  Correction is the way.  

Correction is how Spirit works with us, our own Higher Holy Spirit Self shows us the effects of our choices to help us correct our behavior and make more loving choices.

Sometimes it feels like we’re being punished, but it’s always because of our perspective.

Pain is the result of a wrong perspective.

When people behave in dysfunctional ways, there’s no help in punishing them to get them to leave the dysfunction behind.

Our job is to offer Love, support, compassion so they can correct their path and find more Peace and Joy.

And yet, some folks are really intent on learning through pain.  I’ve been there and felt that in my own choices.

Eventually they will learn there’s a better way.  Our job is to hold the high watch for them.  It’s so important that we don’t become dysfunctional ourselves and start a co-dependent relationship.

Correction is the way.  

Course Correction.

We change the trajectory of course through making loving choices.  Spirit will guide us to see the most loving choices when we’re willing.

Looking for more loving choices is the best use of our intelligence.  It bring benefit to everyone!  How wonderful is that?


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