My Independence Day Breakthrough!

July 4, 2021

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I was in prison for many years – imprisoned by my own judgments and opinions. I was tortured by my own doubt and fear. In the prison of my own thought, I saw no escape, although I dreamed of one. My days could only be half-lived because, although I knew I wasn’t free, I didn’t know that it was something I had to choose.

What’s amazing to me now, looking back, I can clearly see that I was the one who had decided that I wasn’t free. I was the one who had decided that others had done this to me. I was the one who decided that I was trapped. I was the one who decided I couldn’t find the way out.

I can see now that I had made a lot of decisions. I have to wonder: why did I think seeing myself as a victim was so attractive?

I am so VERY grateful that I’ve learned the extraordinary value of taking responsibility. I am so grateful for my own capacity to let things that are hurting me GO! Bye-bye!

Jesus taught us that the truth will set us free.

When I heard that from inside my prison cell it sounded wonderful. I could feel that it was true.

Still, I didn’t know HOW to use the truth to set me free.

It was a while before I even allowed myself to consider that I could be free. It took a while because I didn’t want to desire something I didn’t think I could have. Eventually, the pain of continuing to live imprisoned by my judgments became so great that I allowed myself to desire liberation.

Then, because I was finally TRULY interested in liberation, one day I woke up and realized that I could actively choose freedom. It was within my power to choose. I understood that I could deliberately choose whom I would serve that day. I could continue to suffer or I could choose to serve Love. At that moment I believed something different was possible. Emancipation was at hand.

A Course In Miracles teaches me that I cannot find the light by analyzing darkness. I must choose the light. It says, “You have not made truth, but truth can still set you free.”

I remember my personal Independence Day clearly. I was sitting in a tent in the Andes mountains just before dawn. That morning, I awoke to the knowledge that I’d been living my life in the shadows. I’d been facing away from the light of my own being.

Somehow, deliberately walking into the darkness had become my path. In that early morning sunrise stillness, I consciously decided to turn and face the light in my own Spirit and I took that first step toward Freedom with my whole heart.

I started making some new decisions. I decided to become as loving as it was possible for me to become. I didn’t dare imagine that I could ever arrive at a place of being truly loving within this lifetime, but I didn’t mind that. I decided to head in that direction and focused on where I was going and not when I would arrive. I was Joy-full just to know that the direction I was heading in was a place I actually wished to be.

Immediately after making that decision to become as loving as I possibly could, I saw clearly my choice to focus on being loving NOW. It was my choice and no one else’s. I didn’t have to wait. I didn’t need anyone’s permission. I was not a victim of circumstance. I was completely free to follow my desire. I set my intention and in that moment I had the key that unlocked the door. That day was my day of the beginning of my Liberation – because I decided to choose it.

Deciding is so important. Only you can decide for yourself.

Today I am free to choose to serve love and to let love serve me.

Love is the only power there is. By choosing Love my walk in the world is a walk of feeling powered and my ever-widening path of Freedom is something I can share with many.

Thank you for sharing this Independence Day with me! May you and your loved ones always feel blessed!

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