July 3, 2021

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A rose blooming lifts the consciousness of all, regardless of whether or not anyone sees it.  All acts of love, beauty and  kindness are felt everywhere.  Every choice I make is felt through the invisible.  In this awareness, I desire to be that blooming rose.  I want to be that smiling, welcoming face.  

I’d like to feel, to know, to give expression to the warm heart and sweet voice that is the essence of Divine Love in the rose.

I love that the rose does not question its worthiness.

I aspire to be like that rose.  I aspire to freely be the beauty that my soul’s creator intends for me to be.  I intend to keep my agreement to be open and express that which is mine to express and to do it with compassion, gratitude and grace.  

The beautiful rose does not ear that it is less beautiful than another.  It does not compare itself or seek to hide for fear of judgment.  

The rose does not worry about needing too much water or too much sun.  

The rose does not fear that its radiance will be refused or rejected. 

 The rose does not shrink back if another flower smells sweeter.  Each and every rose gives all of itself in every moment.  

I’d like to know that the Rose’s nature is also my nature. 

I love the writings of the great Sufi poets including Rumi who said, “What was said to the rose that made it open was said to me here in my chest.”  

Rumi’s words go right to my heart and I feel the rose blooming there.

Today I’m willing to see and know that I was born to be the rose in Rumi’s poem.

The rose that has the Divine as it’s lover.  

Today I see with God’s eyes and I cannot help but sense with all my being that I am in love with the Lover who loves.  

Today I love with The Beloved’s heart and I am the lover of the One who invented love. My Lover inspires me from within.  My Lover gives all to me and holds nothing back.  

My Lover never leaves me feeling alone. My Lover lives to lead, guide and protect me, to provide what is needed for me to bloom fully and completely.   In this awareness I must bloom.  My Lover smiles and it is felt everywhere because I absolutely must share this bounty with everyone.

I Am the smiling, welcoming face, the warm heart and sweet voice of Love itself


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