Leaving Betrayal Behind

August 6, 2021

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For whatever reason, my personality was a real grudge holder, and I’m so glad I don’t invest in that like I used to. Phew! What a relief.

Perhaps it’s because I lost so much of my precious time and energy holding onto resentments and grievances that I am so grateful to be able to practice the true forgiveness that I’ve learned. I feel blessed every day that I can share what I’ve learned help other people reclaim their lives and their precious energy.

One of the main things about betrayal is that when we invest in seeing ourselves as betrayed, and keep it going, investing more and more energy, time and attention in it, we’re also investing in seeing ourselves as victims.

Betrayal is so painful, in part, because it has us further investing in the false belief that we’re not worthy of Love, respect, kindness, care, etc.

Think about that. Is that what we really wish to invest in? I don’t think so!

People who give to others in order to get something back, are manipulative. Manipulative people often feel betrayed when others don’t respond the way they’re expected to. I know a lot about that too.

People who don’t feel appreciated are usually giving to people who aren’t asking for it. They may not realize that they’re setting themselves up to be martyrs. It’s not happening TO them. It’s happening BY them.

I encourage you to look into your heart and see if you can discover where you might be holding these kinds of grievances and grudges and be willing to forgive yourself for having invested your precious life force, your time, and energy into something that is actually like a Joy-sucking virus in your life.

We can forgive ourselves and then the betrayal is actually over.

We can reclaim our life and move on.

Hanging out in betrayal makes people bitter and resentful.

I tried it. I can report to you that it’s no way to live. Take it from a friend. No grievance is worth hanging onto – and self-forgiveness is the way out.

I’m so grateful I learned the TRUE forgiveness that continues to heal my mind, my heart, my relationships and my life. Forgiveness rocks! I’m not energizing betrayal anymore! Enough!

If you’d like to get over it and can use some help – please check out my free forgiveness workshop: How To Get Over It! It’s great to do the workshop with a friend – and SUNDAY is the NEW MOON! Perfect for letting go of the past, setting new intentions and rebooting into perfect LOVE.


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