Heaven Is the Choice I make

September 14, 2021

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Buddha taught us that all “attachments” cause suffering.  In other words, we’re doing it to ourselves.  We can also choose to liberate by releasing our attachments.

Attachments basically come in two flavors – cravings and aversions.  Aversions are the things we don’t like, can’t stand and that seem to destroy our happiness.  Cravings are the things we feel we need and have to have in order to be happy.

All attachments, whether cravings or aversions come from the misconception that the things of this world can make us happy or upset us.  It’s our thoughts about what we see that are the cause of our emotions.

For the person who desperately wants to get married because they believe that will make them happy, the marriage will definitely seem to make them happy for a moment.  But it’s not the marriage that makes them happy – it’s that they believe, temporarily, that they have what they want, and so, for just a moment, they have relief from wanting.  

It’s the temporary relief from the pain of wanting, grasping, needing and craving that feels like happiness, but it’s not actually happiness at all.

What we’re going for is Joy with a capital J.  Joy is a spiritual quality that is omnipresent and not conditional in anyway.  Joy is part of our nature.  It’s part of our true identity.  When we seek the kingdom first, which is within, then Joy will be added unto us because we’ve finally started looking for Joy (and Peace and Harmony and all of the other spiritual qualities) where it can be found – within our own consciousness.

Each part of Heaven that you bring is given you. And every empty place in Heaven that you fill again with the eternal light you bring, shines now on you.  A Course in Miracles T-22.VI.5.

To know Joy is to know ourselves.

To experience Joy, we release all attachments and look within for the gateway to heaven.

We look within because that’s the only place where heaven can be found, in our heart.

I AM willing to live a life of true Joy.

Heaven is the choice I make today. 


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