Nevertheless I persisted

September 1, 2021

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One of the issues many people have is they receive divine inspiration about what they’re being guided to. Their intuition is strong and repetitive. If you’ve been watching the Netflix series MANIFEST, maybe you would label it a “calling.”

This kind of intuition can be intimidating or it can be SO very inspiring. Thrilling even. And there are times when we simply would LOVE to run out and tell the world about the “divine idea” we’ve gotten.

I feel like I live in a vortex of these ideas and inspiration so I know how exciting it can be. It feels like we’ve been gifted with something extraordinary. And who doesn’t feel passionate about sharing that high vibrational idea?

Well, many a person has completely dropped the ball of their “calling” because they shared with people who were ego-identified and felt threatened and reacted with pessimism and skepticism. There are trillions of beautiful inspirations that ended up discarded because someone made fun of them.

When I was 15 years old, a 16-year-old friend of mine asked me what I wanted to do when I “grew up.” At that time my fondest dream was to manage rock and roll bands and I told him. My so-called friend laughed in my face and said to me these exact words “that’s never going to happen.”

Now, as it turns out he was right. I ended up going into the rock and roll music business and I didn’t like it at all and went into theatre instead. But my friend’s put down didn’t stop me, it spurred me on. His ego triggered my ego to prove him wrong.

My friend, Dave, didn’t think I could do it because I was a girl. That was the only reason.

One year later Dave was married, at 17, and a father, with a 16-year-old wife and they were parents of a beautiful baby girl. I forgave Dave because I knew that he was simply the product of the time we lived in. There were no women managing rock bands. At that point Dave needed all the compassion I could send his way. I let it go, and I was undeterred. I followed my passion.

Now, I have different but similar experiences almost every day of the week. It’s interesting.
Over and over again, as a spiritual counselor and the leader of the programs we have at the Power of love ministry, I speak with people who have a passion and a dream, an inspiration and a calling, intuition and a yearning. For what? – you might ask.

I talk with people who have a deep yearning to be their true selves.

To love fully and completely and fulfill their purpose to be truly helpful. They have a tremendous desire to repair their relationships, heal their bodies, let go of fear, doubt and worry, and to live in Peace.

AND they’d like to share it with everyone they meet, most especially their loved ones.

I get to hold that vision with them. And I invite others in the ministry to hold it too.

We team up for TEAM LOVE.

And it’s extraordinary what we can accomplish.

It’s miraculous. And it’s a powerful inspiration for others to do the same. It’s also not surprising.

When you have an inspired dream of how you’d like to make your life, it’s best to tell the people who won’t be threatened by it and who can hold it with you so that you cannot possibly fail. It’s crazy, but there are people who are so threatened by others following their calling that they would line up to throw stones at people who have the courage.

Spirit doesn’t know how to fail, only ego does. I used to think that these kinds of miraculous healings happen for other people but not for someone like me. I really didn’t have faith in spiritual healing for myself. I was completely convinced it only worked for others.

Nevertheless, I persisted, and I prayed, and I put Spirit in charge.

Now, every day is a day of healing.
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