Trust Makes the Difference

September 11, 2021

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Day after day, and year after year, I see how my ability to put trust and faith in Spirit makes such a difference in the quality of my life, in how I feel about myself and my choices.

I don’t feel worried and afraid anymore, and that’s a huge relief. It’s also a BIG time saver.

When we feel worried things tend to go awry. Our negative view affects the situations in the same way that an observer affects the outcome any experiment in a laboratory.

Life is our laboratory. Everything is our experiment.

Cultivating trust and faith in Spirit was a process for me. I worked at it minute by minute, hour by hour, day after day because I could feel how much it would improve my life to stop going it alone and to be able to actually rely on Spirit.

It was worth every effort and then some.

I so admire the folks in my Finding Freedom From Fear and Masterful Living programs. They’re doing the same work I’ve done and continue to do. Few things are as thrilling to me as the development of trust and the difference that it makes in people’s lives.

When we have trust in Spirit then our relationships become so different because we’re no longer relying upon other people’s egos.

When we have trust in Spirit we can see and feel Spirit working through other people to bring benefit to all.

When we’re able to place our trust in Spirit we can stop trying to control things and that’s a huge relief. What a load off!

If you could consider how much of my life was invested in trying to control everything, you’d understand why trust in Spirit instead was such a massive relief.

Since it’s not even possible to control life, other people, or even our own feelings, for that matter, being able to trust Spirit means we don’t have to operate like a little boat on a big ocean subject to the vagaries of the weather.

A Course in Miracles tells us that making loving choices makes us invulnerable. It also makes it possible for us to stop trying to control everything.

If you make one thing a priority, make it being able to trust Spirit.

And if you have a second priority let it be making loving choices.

The pay-off is more than we can even imagine or understand.


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