A Tapestry of Life

October 16, 2021

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We’re all working on a single tapestry together.  It’s a tapestry of human life.  Some of us are focused on weaving something exquisitely beautiful and it may look like the life of someone like John McCain who (whether you agree with his politics or not) was able to survive being imprisoned and go on to lead a happy and productive life in service to others.  

Another person may be like the man I met in Cambodia years ago who was part of a food collective in his town where the whole town was working to recover from war, to prosper and raise their children well with more education than they had.  

Some people, like many friends of mine, their life is dedicated to undoing the knots.

It may look as though the knots came from their family and the way they were treated by their relatives.  Maybe.  

I’ve learned for myself, with help from A Course in Miracles, and my own willingness to value the truth, that I’ve brought the patterns in with me and those who seem to have contributed to them, have only helped me to bring my attention so that I will get on with the work of untying the knots.

I don’t wish to waste another minute complaining about how things are.  

It doesn’t help, and in fact it becomes a magnetic attractor for more garbage experiences – NO THANK YOU!

There are no victims, even when it looks like there are victims.

We don’t know what’s really going on.

I’m absolutely certain that some souls volunteer to live a life in service being the challenging child of a person who wishes to learn compassion.

This is the way of the Bodhisattva.   The Bodhisattva is the awakened being who chooses to continue the cycle of reincarnation in service until all are awakened.  

I imagine that from the Bodhisattva’s perspective the entire tapestry is beautiful.  

I wish to see the tapestry of life from that Bodhisattva perspective and see only the beauty.  

I had to realize that complaining only muddies up my life and my view of life.

When I see something I don’t like, let me not complain and lend it energy.  Let me not invest one more drop of my precious life-energy into that which is not untying the knots or refining the beauty. 

As Howard Thurman would say, let me “keep fresh before me the moments of my high resolve” so that there is nothing more appealing or attractive to energize in this moment or any other – only my highest aspirations appeal to me.

The way to achieve my goal is to quit complaining.  

Complaining has been such a strong habit for me.

There were times when I thought, and I do really mean this, that judging and complaining were the purpose of my life.

Now, I can feel clearly that the purpose was to untie the knot of complaining as a habit.

Today, let me untie the knots and bring more beauty with each choice I make.

What do you choose today?

Can you see the knots that it is your life purpose to untie?

If you wish, please share in the comments and I will hold it with you in pryer.

Together we will surely succeed!  

Spirit will carry us there since we are so willing!

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