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October 11, 2021

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Spirit gives me all kinds of ideas that don’t really make sense to me and I’ve learned to just do it. For instance, 14 years ago I was thinking that I’d like to be able to support more people in prayer.

My counseling clients would call me for prayer, and sometimes folks would say “I almost called you in the middle of the night when I was freaking out, but I didn’t want to wake you. I really could’ve used one of your prayers!”

I had a desire to answer the call, but I didn’t know how to manage it. Spirit told me to get a voicemail service and record a new prayer every day. So, I started doing that. The was in 2007.

Recording the prayers and posting them online, plus having the prayers available with a phone call meant that anyone could access day or night, from anywhere, for free, 24/7.

You can put the number in your speed dial and if you’re out of the USA you can call on WhatsApp. 1-760-569-6005. Isn’t it great that we can join together in prayer anytime you feel like it? The joining is real.

I had a goal, Spirit new how to accomplish it.
Technology is helping us transcend time and space with ease and grace.

I’ve been recording a prayer every day since then and haven’t missed many days. The last time I remember missing was in 2016 when I had a fever in and was sick in bed in Thailand and there wasn’t decent internet in my hotel room. As I recall, I couldn’t speak well. We had to recycle a prayer that day.

Prayer is a power tool that has changed my life.

Sharing it with others has been such a gift to me. I love recording the prayers each day. I put them into a podcast to make it easier to find the perfect one. There are about 2,000 prayers in the podcast now. You can subscribe to the podcast with the links here and then search for the perfect one whenever you’d like a prayer.

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We also put a lot of them on my YouTube Channel – and you can subscribe to that as well.

Now, I could have gotten this prayer idea from Spirit and said “eh, that’ll take some work, I don’t really need any extra work.” But what I know is this – if you do what Spirit asks, it will save you time. It’s like tithing. When you tithe, Abundance flows.

When you do what Spirit asks, goodness flows.

When I started, I had no idea that I’d still be recording prayers every day 14 years later. I started my blog 24 years ago. No kidding. My weekly A Course in Miracles podcast has been on the air for 10 years.

I didn’t think about being consistent for decades when I started out. I was just doing what I felt called to do and what I love.

I do these things because Spirit gave me the ideas. These aren’t my ideas. They are gifts from God. I bring them to fruition because the doing of it is fulfilling to me.

“Just do it” isn’t a Nike slogan, it’s the instruction of the Higher Holy Spirit Self. It’s the voice for God. If we’re not willing to do the little things that seem insignificant then we won’t be given the truly amazing things.

Sometimes Spirit says “call Susan today,” and we think, “oh, I’ll call her tomorrow, I have too much going on today.” But Spirit is asking us today. Today is the day that Susan needs the call, not tomorrow. We won’t know how much it means unless we call when we’re told. We might save a life.

Every day, we’re given Divine Direction. We can follow or we can resist. We have the choice. I’m interested in being a dedicated and devoted follower of Spirit. I decide for Spirit and Spirit decides for me.

I’m in training to always do what I’m told with gratitude.

I live IN God. God is the field of Love in which I live.

I work for God, Inc. It’s a good life. The benefits are miraculous. I feel blessed. And I AM grateful.

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